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Russ's reply to Gaz's Match report follows.......................

BCI player Russ was today in tears after reading the Managers Match report from Tuesday's game. The long serving defender, a favourite amongst the fan, is trying to remain calm in light of what he describes as an "obscure" suggestion that he would be "...greedy" in front of the opposition goal.

BCI Manager Gaz, made the allegation in his weekly match report published this morning on the team's Website. Russ commented "I've not laughed like that for some time, I had to wipe the tears from my eyes".

Russ has not scored since November 2001, which may have prompted Gaz to make the remark however the player, a solid foundation at the rear of the BCI team, backed up this record by saying "I'm not on the pitch to score, but seeing as we were already 10-0 up, I thought it was safe to venture further up the field. Such is my commitment to keeping an excellent defensive record I waited until we had a very safe margin, knowing how week the team would be at the back without me." He continued, "I did find my self in a scoring position more than once, the first time I was ignored whilst standing un-marked, perhaps Gaz could explain why he failed to make what would have been an easy 'assist'. The second time I'll admit to being completely surrounded by the opposition and despite the many times I've dealt with that admirably in defence, it's not a position I'm accustomed to being in at the other end. I got my shot in, but it was blocked... if that's a crime, I have to be the least guilty person in the squad."

There doesn't appear to be any long term damage from the Managers' reckless remark, but it may be some time before Russ scores again.
Photo: A proud moment for both Russ and Gaz at the end of last season,
but has the shine fallen from the smiles?  Click to en-large

Read Gaz's match report here

and Russ's reply to Gaz's Manager Rant follows...........

Often, careless remarks are forgiven. Heat of the moment answers to many things, but in this case, no such excuses can be made. BC Player/Drinker Russ has been outraged by the comments made by his Manager Gaz in his recent Managers Rant.

The comment, which was published on the Team's web site earlier today has caused a huge gap to form in an already weakened relationship. Previous '...greed. Greedy, greedy greedy' comments made by the BC1 Manager about Russ's performance were thought to have been smoothed over, but these new allegations have pushed the Defender over the edge. "There's simply no need for private discussions to be made public" is one of the publishable comments made by the normally calm and collected defender.

"It an outrageous thing to say about somebody... and I'll be taking it all the way to the top unless I get a public retraction"

The remark from the Manager "...don't make your own private little changes on the pitch just because you want a goal. We have a TEAM out there, it's not just you and your family, you know." has incensed Russ. His rage was clear as the expletives flew.

"I simply asked Rich to swap positions with me. We discussed this after the match and I now fully regret admitting it." Russ continued "... the notion that Rich is part of my family is a slur I'm not sure I can forgive. I have tried all my footballing years to distance myself from Rich and the fact that the Manager sees fit to make this claim in public of all places, is outrageous!" This reaction has come as a blow for the whole team, who are now in fear of further allegations of being related to Rich, the midfielder also known as 'Spoony' due to his consistent ''spooning' of shots over the bar.

The BCI Manager will surely need some damage control before this gets out of hand.

Left to Right : Rich, Gaz.  Russ refutes any relation.
Click to en-large.

Read Gaz's Manager's Rant here


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