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Following last week’s defeat, it was evident that our discipline needed working on – and tonight we showed what we are capable of – but only in the second half.

 Finishing in the first half was diabolical (Rolfie aside) – particularly from Richard Moss. How many times can you ‘spoon’ the ball over the bar before it becomes a nick-name you can’t shake?

 And why change players? Rolfie was on for a hat-trick and playing well, but went off for Danny? Doesn’t make sense. Nice, yes, but senseless.

 Russ – don’t make your own private little changes on the pitch just because you want a goal. We have a TEAM out there, it’s not just you and your family, you know. There’s no ‘I’ in team (although there is an ‘ME’ you can argue …).

 Ray (Ref. Watch) – don’t go giving them advantages when they blatantly infringe on the rule just because we’re a few goals ahead. A penalty is a penalty, whether you’re winning 1-0 or 7-0 – especially when it happens TIME & TIME AGAIN!

 Also concerning that maybe Rogers can’t stand the pressure …. why else would the manager of BC2 ‘disappear’ midway through the second half of one of the greatest nights in our history? Perhaps he got frightened by the way BC1 bounced back and knows that he a lot to work on before next week’s clash with Inter Minan.

 Either way, come on Rogers, we let that one slip in Div. 1 – how are your boys going to react? (Mind you, having said that, I think that Inter Minan might be fielding a weaker team!)

Signed.  Gaz (BCI Manager) 2nd November 2005


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