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Gaz's reply to Russ's Interview.....................

+++Press Release +++ Press Release +++ Press Release +++

Gareth Davies, Manager of BC1, has just made the following announcement after recent allegations of a rift forming within the club and in response to the recent and very public exchanges.

“In the first instance, I stand by my comments in the Manager’s Rant section.

It is simply unacceptable that an individual player feels he can make a decision to change the structure and balance of a team on a whim. What would happen if everyone did that? We’d end up like Roger’s BC2. It’s absolute madness and will not be tolerated.

Richard Moss had been struggling in the first half but worked hard to overcome his phobia of ‘head-up-Rich’ and managed to score twice. How a hat-trick would have helped his confidence (particularly as his form has not been the best in recent weeks) we will never know now.

And why not?

Because the player with the worst scoring record in the Club’s history decided he wanted to go up front. Yes, our left back. By his own admission, twice he got the ball and twice he tried to score.

The press, obviously as shocked as anyone else, deemed Russell ‘greedy’.

Rather than apologise to his team mates, the fans, and most importantly, me, the manager, Russell, incredibly, has then decided to offer himself for interview after interview like a cheap brazen hussy, and launch a vicious and childish tirade that has weakened the spirit within the camp.

For reasons only known to Russell, he also dismissed as an embarrassment the one player who was prepared to listen to his naïve suggestion of swapping positions, a player who has taken Russ under his wing since his transfer from the backwaters of Norfolk – the player who just a couple of weeks ago, presented him with his first International shirt …… LONG SLEEVED!

This sort of player outburst simply cannot be accepted and I am looking to our Treasurer to sanction the maximum penalty possible under current FA rules.

I do not want my players reacting to press speculation and I certainly don’t want to read about their comments if they do have an issue. It’s for this very reason that we didn’t create a ‘Left Back Rant’ page. No one is interested and the sooner Russell can get this, the better off we’ll all be.

Russ is an integral part of the squad but make no mistake, there is a line that shouldn’t be crossed. If his attitude doesn’t improve, he could find that he’s playing with himself on the other side of the world next season.”

Richy Moss's reply to Russ's Interview...........

After waking up this morning and finding photographers and media moguls camped on my lawn, all attempting to be the first to hear the truth about my relation to Bunky footballers. Well I have decided not to sell my story for any price, but instead post it up on the web for all to see and for everyone to get the truth from me first hand.

I am related to Russ. Blood related. We lived under the same roof for about 6 months when we were 15. I use to have family holidays with him when we were both really young and I once scratched his new BMX bike. I think this makes us more than blood relatives........... it also makes us friends as well.
With all this history behind us, its nothing short of a miracle that Russ has ever scored a single goal for Bunky's.....ever.........including Saturdays.



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