Shenley Leisure Centre Trust Ltd League Rules


Shenley Leisure Centre Trust Ltd

Outdoor 6-a-Side Football League Rules

Teams must arrive 15 minutes before kick-off to ensure games start on time. Kick off times will not be delayed due to lateness.

- If a team is late the opposing team will receive 1 goal for every 3 minutes you are late.

- Game time will be reduced if a team is late to ensure all other fixtures run on time.

- If a team fails to turn up for their fixture the opposing team are awarded a 3-0 win.
- Teams must give 8 days notice to re-arrange a fixture or they will forfeit the game 3-0 and pay double match fee

- Foul and abusive language towards referees, staff and other players WILL NOT BE TOLERATED and may result in expulsion from the league.

- Referees decisions are final.

- Teams are required to wear matching coloured kits or t-shirts.

- Substitutes are required to act as ball boys in case the ball goes over a fence to help keep the game flowing.

- Both teams are required to bring their own match ball.

- Pro-seven staff can act as a second official when and if needed.

- Team managers are responsible for the conduct of their team.

- If you are short on players inform us as soon as possible so we can try and help find you players for your fixture.
Game Rules
-Players can play as a guest player for other teams if they are short

- Normal Shenley rules apply (See below)
- In the event of a colour clash the away team will wear bibs.

- Deposits must be paid to hold your teams place in the league. Deposits are 1 x match fee
The reason we take deposits is to ensure that all teams attend their games as there is nothing worse than you turning up for a game and your opposition hasn’t.

- Team managers are responsible for all unpaid match fees

- If a team fails to turn up for their fixture a fine of (2 x match fee) must be payable before their next game. Failure to pay the fine will mean ejection from the league and loss of their deposit.

- Match fees are £25.00 per team per week
- Deposits are only refundable in full on the condition that teams complete all fixtures

- Teams and individuals take part at their own risk and no liability for injury or death, other than caused by negligence, is accepted.

- We reserve the right to exclude any player, team or organisation from any event, competition, league or match.

- Teams and individuals should be aware that in the event of early withdrawal or expulsion from a league, no refunds will be given.

- By signing up to our league you are agreeing to attend all of your season fixtures, failure to attend will result in a 2 match fee fine to cover costs.

Should there be any disputes it is the final decision of the football league organiser and/or Shenley Leisure Centre Senior Management that will stand.


1a.       MATCH FEES OF £25 PER TEAM PER WEEK must be paid prior to the game; a receipt of payment will be handed out at reception and must be given to the referee, if no receipt of payment is provided to the referee or league organiser then the game may be classed as a forfeited/ cancelled match resulting in a 3-0 loss to your opponents..


b.         Any team with outstanding debts for any reason will not be permitted to play their next match until all fees are paid.  Fixtures missed due to unpaid fees will result in your team receiving a 3-0 loss.  Teams that owe money from previous leagues will not be given access back into the league until all outstanding monies are paid.  It is the responsibility of Team Manager to ensure all monies are paid.


2.         Match Postponements & Cancelled / Forfeited Games:

All teams are allowed to postpone a maximum of 1 match per league.  In order to postpone a league game the TEAM MANGER must contact the Leisure Centre’s Operations Manager on 01908 502488 or email no later than 10am on the Monday before your desired postponed match.


If you fail to inform the leisure centre’s Operations Manager before the deadline then you will receive a £50 Fine (opponents weekly match fee as well as your own). This will be classed as a forfeited/ cancelled match if you are unable to fulfil the fixture. Your team will also suffer a  3-0 defeat to your opponents.


If a team postpones more than 1 match than they will have to pay a £50 Fine (opponents weekly match fee as well as your own) and a 3-0 defeat.  This game will not be re-scheduled.


Please note; Postponed matches may result in two games in one night to fit in the re-scheduled matches and at a later kick off time then scheduled.


3.         Failure to arrive in time for a fixture or a no-show without giving notice of non-attendance will result in a 3-0 win to the opposition. This will also count if you do not have enough players to fulfil your fixture; a minimum of four players is needed to start a match.

            Please note; in exceptional circumstances a match may be rearranged with the agreement of the opposition.  The opposition is under no obligation to fulfil this.


4.            Fixture times may be altered with the agreement of both teams.  The league organiser must be informed of this at least one week prior to the potential fixture change in order to make arrangements.  The opposition is under no obligation to fulfil this.


5.         Each Team will consist of six players, one of whom shall be a goalkeeper.   A team shall not take to the field of play with less than four players, one of whom shall be the goalkeeper.  Players can play for any number of teams throughout the season. If a player is booked they cannot play again until the £5 fine is paid at reception.  If a player is sent off they cannot play again that evening or until they have served their suspension.

Teams using players from other teams can only add outfield players to the amount of players on the opposite team


i.e  If Team A only had 6 players and Team B had 4 players they could only add 2 more outfield players


Goal keepers can play for multiple teams per night


6.          Each team can use roll on/roll off style substitutes during the course of the game at any time with the permission of the referee.  A maximum of 9 players can be used for each fixture.



7.         All players must be at least 16yrs or above. Players (including the goalkeeper) must wear uniform football kit (including shin-pads under calf-length socks). It is advised Goalkeepers wear a distinct jersey from the players of both teams.  The referee can ask a player to leave the pitch should incorrect kit be worn.


8.         NO BOOTS with screw in studs or blades are to be worn on the astro-turf area UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Only trainers, astro boots or moulded studs can be worn.  The referee can ask a player to leave the pitch should incorrect footwear be worn.


9.        The Duration of the match shall be of 28 minutes played in two equal halves of 14 minutes.

The half time interval should not exceed 1 minute. A centre kick will be taken for kick-off and restart after a goal.


10.       The ‘home’ side should provide a backup match ball. Shenley leisure centre will provide a suitable size 5 match ball. 


11.       There is no offside and a goal can be scored from any part of the playing area except inside the goal area.


12.       Only the defending goalkeeper is allowed inside the goal area and may handle the ball only in this area.


Penalty for intentional encroachment into the goal area:

-        by another member of the defending team, a penalty kick;

-        by any member of the attacking team "Goalkeepers ball".

Please note: Accidental entry into the goal area by any player that has no effect on play may not be penalised. Intentional entry by an attacking player deemed to gain an advantage will result in goalkeeper’s ball.


13.       After receiving the ball, a goalkeeper must return it into play using an underarm action within 6 seconds without intentionally time-wasting. Failure to do so will result in a free-kick being awarded to the opposing team, 3ft from the point of exit from the goal area, opposing players must not obstruct a goalkeeper from returning the ball into play.  Should a goalkeeper not release the ball within 6 seconds a free kick will be awarded 3ft from the centre of the goal area.

Please note: Goalkeepers can save the ball with any part of their body, however, if a save is made by the feet of the goalkeeper resulting in a pass and deemed intentional by the referee play may be stopped and a free kick awarded to the opposition.  Intention will be adjudged by the referee.


14.       The ball must not be directly returned to the goalkeeper by the receiving player of the same team (must touch two players). A free kick will be awarded to the opposing team 3ft from the point of entry.


15.       The goalkeeper is not allowed to play the ball outside the goal area. A penalty will be awarded for a deliberate offence. Intention will be adjudged by the referee.

            Please note: Accidental exit by the goalkeeper that has no effect on play should not be penalised. Intention will be adjudged by the referee.


16.       If the ball goes above the height of the top perimeter board a free kick will be awarded against the team that last played or touched the ball. If the ball deflects of a goalkeeper and goes above board height, play will resume with the goalkeeper returning the ball into play.


17.       There will be no direct free kicks except penalty kicks. No arm signals will be given for in-direct free kicks, if dissent is shown to any free kick the ball can be moved forward a further 5 yards and could result in a penalty kick, as in rule 18.          


18.       Infringement or refusal to withdraw the full 3ft from a free-kick by an opposing player will result in the referee positioning the free-kick 5 yards nearer the goal of the offending team. If this infringement takes place within 5 yards of the goal a penalty kick will be awarded against the offending team.


19.       For persistent dangerous play (including reckless charging particularly near the boards, tackles from behind and slide tackles), violent conduct and foul and abusive language, the referee can at his discretion award a penalty kick against the offending team, no matter where the offence takes place.


20.       All caution details are reported to the league organiser after the fixtures.

Any player cautioned will receive a £5 fine; two cautions in a period of 5 games will result in a £5 fine per caution & a 1 match ban. Any player sent off will receive a minimum of a 1 match ban (the referee may deem a longer suspension necessary with the organisers agreement) and a £10 fine.


21.       During play the referee’s decision is final and discretion will be used at all times. Advantage is encouraged when possible to keep the game flowing.  Team managers may discuss aspects of the game to the referee with the agreement of the referee whilst showing respect for his decisions and leading by example to his players.


22.       The following method of allocating points will be used:


            - 3 points for a win

            - 1 point for a draw

            - 0 points for a loss


23.       In the event of two teams being level at the end of the league season goal difference will be taken into account.  If teams are still level then it will be decided on;

1) Goals scored

2) Goals conceded

3) In the unlikely event of teams still being level a straight 10 minute game will be played to decide the winner.  Sudden death penalties will then be the ultimate decider if the match is a draw.


24.       Teams play for the league and league cup.  The cup competition begins towards the end of the season and the usual match rules apply. The cost is £25 per game, for the exception of the semi-finals & final which will be played at no cost.  Should any game be a draw after 28 minutes the tie will be decided with three penalty kicks.  Penalty takers must be on the playing field before the end of the match (substitutes can not take penalties).  If scores are still level then it will be sudden death starting with the same three penalty takers then the remaining players (goal keepers may or may not take a penalty).  This will continue until there is a winner.


25.       Any team that withdraws from the leagues before the end of the league season must honour the remaining weekly match fees and any other overdue debts.


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