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Matty Rogers

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A useful sub to have on the bench. Keeps it nice and warm for those who come off. Two memorable moments, making it back into his own half to defend and making two runs in the same 10 minutes.

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Matty's Q&A

Year of birt- 1982
Star sign - Pisces (according to my tattoo)
Height - 6' 2"
Weight - Very very light
Eye colour - Sometimes blue, sometime green
Favourite drink - Coffee (Costa Rican to be precise)
Favourite foods - Pizza
Favourite holiday dest - Ummmmmm - PRAGUE every time
Date for a day - Russ or Biggsy
Dinner guest - It has to be Kirsty Gallagher (She was in close contention for the date for a day as well)
Fav films - The Goonies
Fav song - Going Underground, The Jam
Nickname - Matty or Maggott (I was very small until the age of 17…. Honest)
1st record - Given to me by my uncle – Pink Floyd, Another Brick in the wall.
Last cd/download - The Killers, Hot Fuss – Buy it, it’s fantastic.
Question Matt would have asked  -
Bunky's Highlight  – Scoring a hat-trick for BC1
Question Matt would have asked  - Bunky's Low Point  - Missing the penalty that put us out of the cup to the mighty MKED!

The following are the answers to the players own questions....
Pink or Brown -
Pink, woops I accidentally slipped into Brown! 
Out of the rest of he current squad if you had to, who would you punch & why -
None, I love you all! 
Most famous person met -
Ron Atkinson (Tripped the racist up some stairs) 
What's the most disgusting thing you've ever eaten (keep it clean!) -
Brussel Sprouts 
How does the snow plough driver get to work -
Surely he drives the snow plough.... Am I thick??? 
Tits or Bums -
Outside Bunky Chollox FC, what other sporting awards / Achievements have you had -
Numerous Six Aside tournaments and leagues, 11 aside honours also.... Judo Champion (Younger Days)
Abi Titmus or Jennifer Ellison -
No question, Jennifer all day long! 
Most unusual place you've ever had a blow job -
The M1...... 
Best personal sporting moment -
Signing for Bunky's or Winning NYK Hirano Cup!!!
Dannii or Kylie -
Football Team supported -
Arsenal and Northampton Town 
Where would you like to live -
In a house! 
What's the most frequent occurring mishap that happens to you -
I go to work every day!
Do Jus & Rolfie really love each other -
No, It's a battle over who has the most hair!

© Bunky Chollox FC 2014.  Established  1994.  All rights reserved.