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Andy Moss

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Retired goalkeeper was with Bunky's from the start and over the years developed into a rather lardy bastard (which he has lost now he's quit!).  His ability to get down to block the low ball is second to none, but the ability to get back up again afterward needed some work.  (Maybe it's because the gravitational pull on him is greater than most).  Andy was best known for taking the piss out of some guy who had just missed a pen by, I quote, 'What kind of a Wanky kick was that???'  Andy also won Turkey of the Year 1997/1998 for not knowing where the ball was, it was in fact bouncing up and down on his head after making a save.

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Andy's Q&A

Year of birt- 1967
Star sign - Pieces
Height - 6 foot
Weight - too much –
F**K Off!
Eye colour - Blue
Favourite drink - Beer
Favourite foods - Curry
Favourite holiday dest - Caribbean
Date for a day - 15th June
Dinner guest - Any light eater
Fav films - Star Wars
Fav song - Anything my 8 year old daughter DOESN’T know a modern sexy dance to !
Nickname - lardy (or similar)
1st record - Adam and the Ants : Stand and Deliver
Last cd/download - Don’t know how to do that !

Question Andy would have asked - Most unusual place you’ve ever had a blow job - on my ear lobe !

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© Bunky Chollox FC 2014.  Established  1994.  All rights reserved.