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31st Jan 2006 - BCI vs. Argash

BCI 0-1 Argash

They say football’s a funny old game. 

They also say that it’s a simple game complicated by fools. 

How so, then, that Tuesday night saw foolish calls over simple decisions, yet it wasn’t funny. 

For the first time since the start of the 2004/2005 league, BC1 slumped to a second consecutive league defeat, with a well disciplined Argash team helped considerably by two incredible refereeing blunders. 

In the first half, following an untidy challenge on the edge of the area, the ball ricocheted out to Mossy who steered the ball into the Argash net, only to see the goal disallowed in order that Bunky’s could be awarded a free kick! 

Midway through the second half, with the game still tied at 0-0, the Argash left back decided to stand in the area. Surely a penalty as the whistle blew ….. no, a free kick on the edge. Apparently he had been pushed in the area by Bunky’s striker.

 So, what was the free kick for then?

 In the same incident, from the free kick that should have been a penalty, the same player decided he was right to have stood in the area after all and did so again to try and block the kick. Decision? Play on.

 For a full summary on ‘Ref. Watch’, re-arrange these words ;

  REF.   HAD   HIS   A**E   STUCK   UP   HIS   HEAD   THE

 BC1 didn’t really deserve to win the game but certainly didn’t deserve to lose. With Danny in for the injured Russ the only change, it was a solid team that should have been good enough to earn the three points. Disco was quiet in goal but the break through never came.

 Incredibly, after the game, allegations were apparently made by a representative of the current league leaders that Bunky’s were ‘poor losers’ and that ‘all of the refs. decisions had been correct’!!!  

However, we are pleased to report that this now seems not to be the case. The culprit was soon identified and we can only assume the comments were taken out of context. In the end, we’ll just put them down as the rantings of another funny old simple fat fool.

Below follows that anonymous one-liners!

"It looked a well balanced match, both teams cancelling each other out. Unfortunately, when playing a less organised team, this simply means we were equally less organised."



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