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29th Nov 2005 - BCI vs. MK United

BCI 6 - 0 MK United

Well with the normal match reporter away on International Duty for an Elvis select side in Memphis, it is a pleasure to stand in to report on a display that can only be described as AWESOME.  Gaz and Rolfe away opened the door for Daz at the back and Danny in midfield.  The manager may have been the other side of the world but had left his starting line-up before putting on his blue suede shoes.  The players left behind ensuring his words of wisdom were relayed prior to kick off and for the first time recently BCI were organised and disciplined.  Everyone knew what was what and more importantly did it.

Now over the years games against MK United have always been hard battles and tonight was no exception.  None of the 'who is that playing for them'  tonight, they had the big boys out ready for the battle.  BCI with a game plan after the disappointing results of the last few weeks were up for the challenge.

The first few minutes as mad as ever, but then Bunky's started to call the shots.  Slowed it down, made ever pass, did what they needed to, they were rattling a usual in your face, free scoring MK United side.  Disco calmly led from the back, gently informing his defence of what was going on around them, saving when need be.  Russ and Daz as solid a defence as we had seen all year.  Utd were shooting from miles out, don't remember them having a 1 on 1 all night.  Daz swept up everything that came at him, Russ the same down the left side.  Daz did have the odd go from the back -it's Daz after all, but never left us short and hurried back faster than he had gone up front.  Then the midfield, Danny and Rich holding when they need to, defended as required, held that middle and tonight supported the attack and made runs like never before.  Sean up front 'goal hanging' as MK United manager said later in the bar (as a compliment mind) defended high up the pitch, tracked back and provided the outlet.  Subs Rogers and Ben, well talk about subs, Ben hounding down players as normal, covering that middle of the park and Rogers killing the game with 2 classy goals and numerous passes that wouldn't be out of place at Vicarage Road.

So to the goals, 6 but should have been far more eh Ray!!  It's okay admitting it was in after you haven't given it and note to Shenley Leisure Centre - do something about those side bars!!  1-0, Sean hounded down the Utd defence in the corner, won the ball and played a pass to Spoony whom didn't - wallop, in it went!  2-0 a free kick just outside their penalty area, Sean plays a quick pass to Danny - crash bang in the far corner.  He wheels away with 1 finger in the air to the acknowledgement of the ever growing crowd.  3-0 was straight from their kick-off, Spoony stole the ball, 1 on 1 with defenders, committed them all before passing to Sean who powered it through the keeper.  Half time.  4-0, Disco to Spoony, laid it back to Rogers who then went on a run down the left, faking to shoot, faking to pass, dummy, dummy in Rogers quick feet style before slotting it in the far corner across the keeper.  5-0, Spoony (I think calling him that improves his game) running at the defence, Rogers runs (ok fast jog) up alongside on his left, Spoony plays the perfect ball into his path and in it goes again far corner.  6-0, Rogers returned the favour, defenders coming at him from all directions waited for that killer moment to pass to Spoony for a cool finish and even better ballet type stop on his toes right on the edge of the area.  So it was six and no goals conceded thanks to everyone playing their part in blocking, tackling and getting stuck in.

So to the amusing bits.  Well the first one wasn't amusing but amazing.  A goal that would have never been forgotten, would have been in Bunky's folk law forever, 1 touch the whole way, from start to finish, Disco to Danny, Danny to Rich (I'll call him that just once), Spoony then pings a ball first time across the pitch, splitting their defence to Sean, whom plays Danny in first time on the edge of the area - surely a goal, nope saved.  The crowd were in awe.  Back to the other stuff, Danny had a night of dodgy tackles, early on anyway, and got away with most, he is little after all.  Disco shouting 'penalty' at every opportunity - he'll be a ref when he grows up, he can see the area better than Ray for twice the distance.  Sean was baited in to trying a curler in the top right corner by the crowd/team-mates/ref/voices in his head, he missed to much laughter, it didn't go for a throw-in or anything mind.  Then late on he performed a typical strikers tackle, push, shoulder charge, whatever you want to call it, but did they score?  Did they hell, just helping out the defence boss.  Then Spoony had a kick at Mr Hewitt, the old man of the Utd team whom had ironically come on to try and calm his players down, so Spoony takes him down, up he jumps, bit of a push and a shove, Spoony didn't squeal or run away or anything.  To Mr Hewitt's credit he later came to apologise to the hacker in person.

So a great night, everyone was superb, I'm not just saying that - even Richy A jockeying from the sidelines.  I haven't seen a Bunky's performance like that since who knows when.  The crowd went home happy, the opposition were sporting in defeat, complimentary in the bar, the players buzzing, cheapish beer - thanks chaps, 2 rounds of snacks and a partridge in a pear tree.

It was a pleasure tonight lads - same again next week?  Bunky and proud!

* Thanks to all those in the bar that helped remember the goal order and facts.  God knows how Elvis usually remembers it all.  Should you fancy writing your own report, once complete, send to the webmaster for publication.




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