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28th March 2006 - BCI vs. MK United

BCI 2-5 MK United

BC1 continued their poor run of results with another defeat on Tuesday, this time at the hands of MK United.

 With a much changed starting six (Ben in for Sean, Rogers in for Rolfey and Ritchie A. in for Disco), a specific game plan was discussed and when Rogers put Bunky’s ahead in the opening couple of minutes from a free-kick, it looked like game on.

 Unfortunately, it wasn’t sustained as MK Utd pressed and harassed the BC team, winning any loose ball, forcing Bunky’s to make errors and generally dominating possession.

 A couple of their goals had an element of fortune and one or two should certainly have been shut-out, and although a 5-1 score-line flattered United, Bunky’s could certainly not complain about being behind at the midway point. 

It wasn’t all bad news, however, the second half saw BC1 actually play as they can and they ripped United apart, even accepting that maybe United took their foot off the pedal a little.

 Although changes were made, everyone stepped up a gear – and there were at least three well worked golden opportunities for a goal before Daz fired in the second from an excellent move down the right. This goal unfortunately scant consolation for the possession and chances created. 

Some serious thought needs to be given to the way in which BC1 are performing now, despite this glimmer of hope, as pre/post Christmas stats show; 

















Post Christmas








* Does not count default win against CDAC. 

Alarmingly, BC1 are scoring an average of two goals less – and conceding two goals more - per game, indicating the problem is with the entire team …..  

Sack the manager I say – which always seems to bring out the best in a team!

 Well, that and a renewed commitment to training certainly seem the best way to start putting the ‘might’ back into the Mighty Bunky Chollox, although with an increase in pitch fees of nearly 67%, it will need to be a pretty serious commitment!

 So, an appeal to all players …We have a bit of a crisis and your football club needs you. There are just a couple of league games left and a cup – let’s have some effort for these (Do I sound like Delia now?) – post yes on the forum and turn up …it’s that easy!

Below follows those anonymous one-liners!



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