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21st March 2006 - BCII vs. Athletico Shenley

BCII 3-4 Athletico Shenley

Normal Match Reporter was away, so not sure if his deputy will post a report......  Anyone else?

Still hurting from their 6 - 1 bruising at the hands of Shenley last week the boys of Bunkies II were determined to restore honour to the Greatest Football Team on Earth! With everyone up for the game, and a pre-match tactical discussion to cover formation and substitutions (wow - getting a bit serious boys!) It was time for kick-off, with Rogers fielding a defensive 2 - 2 - 1 formation. It was nearly a full Bunkies II side, with just Biggsio replaced by Danny due to his recovery and fitness worries. Richy A in goal, Justin and Daz at the back, Rogers and Danny in the midfield, and Benaldo sitting lonely up front. 

It was action from the start, end to end stuff, with neither team showing an obvious advantage. A speculative shot from Shenley's Matt confused Richy A into conceding an easy goal, giving them the lead. Not downhearted, Bunkies re-started with even more commitment. Tackles were flying, tempers raising, and the Shenley Gaffer digging his elbow in at each and every occasion.  

5 minutes of solid play was rewarded by a great goal from Rogers to make it 1-1. Seankamp came on for a still recovering Benaldo, who had been cynically hacked down by Shenley's Twiglet, who, like the rest of the Shenley Team was whingeing like little girls to Ray all the time! Standing up to Shenley like real men, BC II continued the fight, and a glorious goal from Danny left it at 2-1 for half-time, and Shenley were rattled. 

Team spirit is a precious item in the Shenley camp, and clearly it evaporates quicker than Spoony when it's his round! Squabbling amongst themselves, arguing with Ray, and generally snivelling more than the entire Chelsea team, they somehow managed to equalise with a great shot from Pat a good 20 yards out. Rolfey came on for Rogers, and the battle lines were drawn. Twiglet and Rolfey were soon getting to be good buddies in the boards on the far side of the pitch, and the tackles were getting heavier. A (correctly) disallowed goal from Shenley left it wide open, before they got a third to take the lead.

 DJ led the Bunkies fight back charge, with a great solo effort to take it back to 3-3. The air was electric, this could go either way. Unfortunately for Bunkies, it went Shenley's way just 20 seconds after the re-start. A rare (on the night) bit of confusion allowing Shenley in to make it 4-3. Bunkies battled on, and fought to the end, but that's how it remained.

 All in all, a stella performance form BCII, that was lost cheaply, and should have been a solid victory. Oh well, football is football, what go's on on the pitch stays on the pitch, and if you don't like this match report, write your fcukin' own!

Below follows those anonymous one-liners!

"Good game, end to end stuff, had our chances to take it"
"So it's obviously not just about the beer"


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