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14th June 2005 - BCI V's MK Utd

Rogers said it best when he said 'Good game, bad result'.   Bunky's played a calm, well thought out
game against the Div 1 League winners.  Quality passing and defending meant the result should have

been far closer than it was.  The 2nd MK Utd goal clearly in the area (even their manager admitted that)

but it was not to be.  Bunky's were out done by quick feet and quick turns as their players often span

the Bunky's defence until they were dizzy.  Another fine observation by Russ or was it Neil?  That we

needed 2 defenders to ever one of their attackers as once they beat the man they were gone. 
But hats off 'well played MK Utd' and Bunky Chollox.

Daz on his first game back from injury kept a few fine efforts out with some fine stopping, we've missed

his silky keeping this year.  The defence were resolute and solid (except for the 5 goals) making some fine
interceptions and blocks as well as calmly launching attacks.  The game was not the usual panic, belt it
and chase game as it often is when under pressure from MK Utd, thank god for that as we had no subs.  
Each Bunky's player often finding time and space to play some quality stuff. 

Rogers in for Rolfe, Ben for Richy M and Neil for Gaz were forced changes by absence.
Rogers outstanding with his balls up to loan striker Sean whom usually takes the harder chances

far more easily than he did today.  The MK Utd keeper did pull off some good saves though to deny many.  Russ
having a few shots from deep, Ben working his socks off in midfield, Rogers weaving his magic from front to back,

Neil the wall as ever in many blocks tackles, Daz on near top form and Sean chasing and playing people in when
he could.


It was clinical shooting that did us.  3 goals being more or less the same, the slightest opening and wallop,
quality hard shots no one was stopping.  We gave them a good game as they admitted in the bar afterward,

a fair game, no niggles, both sides playing well.  A fit end to the Div 1 League campaign were Bunky's
confirmed their 3rd place in the table as Athletico beat Crownhill.  MK Utd winning the league.

It was one of those weird nights were losing 5-0 in the manner we did was not a massive disappointment.
Everyone tried there best and that's all that can be asked of, well played chaps.


So on to the cups in a few weeks time.  Clear some space in your trophy cabinets boys!!


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