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14th March 2006 - BCI vs. Athletico Shenley

BCI 1-6 Athletico Shenley

Bunky’s were hammered on Tuesday night. 

It was a perfect opportunity for Athletico to maintain their push for Div. 1 honours as they faced a BC1 team struggling to find form and coming off the back of a disappointing performance in the FHM O2 Cup, have not won a league game in over two months.

 New signings were evident within the Athletico team (they didn’t know the rules, the players or the friendly rivalry that exists between the two clubs) and they managed to cause some upset with a few unnecessary challenges that went unpunished - but it shouldn’t distract from the fact that Bunky’s were again woeful and Athletico capitalised. 

One bright spot was the return of Russell in defence, following a long lay off with an ankle injury and able to field a first choice line up finally, Bunky’s defended resolutely, created a couple of opportunities and took the lead when a quick Gaz free kick was knocked on by Sean and Rich Moss coolly slotted past the Athletico ‘keeper. 

Unfortunately, a disastrous error by Disco saw Athletico equalise not long after as a long range shot somehow squirmed underneath him. With BC1 beginning to flag, changes were made and Bunky’s fell apart.

 In defence of the team, this was the first game for BC1 in the league in over a month – and in fairness to the substitutes, Bunky’s have never mastered the art of change. 

Disco performed heroics in goal with some of the saves he made, yet then let a few past that he would ordinarily have reached. It was simply one of those games where Bunky’s had to be on top of their game and came up short.

 At the break the game was still relatively even – but the second half saw a short spell where Bunk’s conceded with almost every kick, although congratulations need to go to Bunky’s very own Danny (putting through his own goal with his 14th strike of the season - a wonderful shot that left Disco with no chance) and to Pat for his hat-trick. (Arse).

 BC1 are definitely struggling and something is going wrong. It’s clear that a few things need sorting to stop the rot – let’s start with the basics and the rest will follow.

So …. One packet of Pork Scratchings for every three players, not just one per table. 

I feel better already.

Below follows those anonymous one-liners!

"A good start against the flow of play by Bunky's gave them the lead, but tired legs and a lack of concentration meant it couldn't be sustained."

"It was good to see some new faces in the Athletico team. Fresh talent is always helpful towards the end of the season to help secure silverware." 

"Possibly the final curtain on the Bunky's league title challenge. Perhaps bringing in some new players might have helped?"



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