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11th March 2008 BCIII vs. Denbigh Loyals

BCIII 6-1 Denbigh Loyals

Captain Gaz Man of the Match:  Sean 
Captain Gaz Match Summary: 
An extremely comfortable win against sometimes difficult opponents last night for BCIII, back to a full strength line-up for the first time since hammering Superfly (interesting ....!). Plenty of good movement, passing and bar one 2 minute spell at 3-0 up (allowing Denbigh to grab a consolation), BCIII were in complete control.

Disco did well on the relatively long range shots they managed, but BCIII always looked as though they had an other gear to move into if needed. It was good to see lot's of covering and tracking back and forcing players wide from challenges in the middle, something sometimes lacking, so top marks to Joel, Danny and Sean. I don't think Chris or I had to puff once all game. Much better!

Goals from Chris (1), Joel (2) Danny (1) and Sean (2).

Voting Players Man of the Match:  Joel

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