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16th Oct 2007 BCII vs. Athletico Shenley

BCII 1-3 Athletico Shenley

Captain Ben's Man of the Match:   Again, difficult to pick just one person, but scoring the goal has to help - well done Richy Moss.
Captain Ben's Match Summary: 
Well, apologies to my team mates and the many spectators that braved the elements for the match report taking so long, but contrary to what most people believe, I do work quite hard occassionally!

So, delving back into the mists of time I will undoubtedly make some mistakes, but this is my take of a great game with a poor result:

Tuesday 16th October, it's 7:45pm, Athletico Shenley are waiting, and Noah has just started boarding for his next sailing. No really. I've not seen rain like this for years - it hasn't stopped all day, the pitch is flooded, and it definitely isn't going to dry out. "Watch out for the slippy ball" some remarkably perceptive person calls.

Shenley are are a tough team to play, but yet again BC II held their heads up high, pysched themselves up, and were definitely "up for it" From the start it was fast, physical, and slippy (thank God someone had warned us about that earlier) Bunkies held the play well, frustrating Shenley time and time again, and working hard as a unit. A few chances came and went, the odd mistake by the defence went unpunished, and it all was looking good.

Shenley then grabbed a well taken goal that left Richy A with no chance of stopping it. 1 - 0 - regroup, and get on with it! Substitutions were made, with the team changing regularly as people took a breather and came back on - a tactic that seems to work well. Ben, Neil and Matty all took some time off, with Richy Moss and Graham Costello all taking their turns and putting in admirable performances.

The next blow came from a typical Ray-like decision. Like the Try that never was on Saturday, this was a key turning point in the game. Ray blew a free kick but didn't seem to be too interested in saying which way the kick was, or what it was for. Whilst the Ref is still talking to players, Shenley take the kick. Confusions reigns as we arenít sure if the ball is in play or not, and Shenley score. Learning point from this: Ray will continue to make mistakes and generally not command the game, so we take no chances when a player comes at us with the ball - we tackle and sort it.

2 - 0 down in the second half and a comeback is on the cards after a great goal from Mossy - carefully using the flooded surface and his new boots to scuff the ball into the corner of the net - he  clearly new a well crafted full-on shot from the edge of the area would have been saved!

The last few minutes of the game saw great battling from BC II who defended well and generated a few opportunities, but perhaps failed to capitalise on it as well as they should have. The third goal was a well taken strike that deflected in from the post - a strike no keeper could have dealt with.

So overall summary (if you haven't got bored yet and are still reading) is: A great team performance showing strength, grit and determination. The voting clearly shows how well we are performing together - 5 points seperates top play from bottom player - and I have high hopes that if we roll onto the pitch on 30th against MK Ed with the same frame of mind and desire that we've shown in the first two games, then MK Ed will have a Halloween nightmare.

Voting Players Man of the Match:  Richy A 

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