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1st April 2008 BCII vs. Athletico Shenley

BCII 1-6 Athletico Shenley

Captain Ben's Man of the Match:  
Karl - great energy, good foresight, and a goal. To then play a second match against Boca makes him a hero!

Captain Ben's Match Summary:  Another tough challenge faced the might BC II last night in the shape of Athletico Shenley. Not known for being shy and retiring, and fresh off the back of doing BC I 12-2, everyone was expecting a tough, bad tempered game.

Quite the opposite in fact! The only change to the normal line up was Karl stepping in for a delayed-at-the-last-minute Matty. A good start saw Athletico coming on strong, but BC II holding firm. For a few minutes it was quite evenly matched, then a quick break from Shenley saw them have a shot just wide of target, with Ross slotting the rebound home unchallenged. 2 - 0 came quite quickly after that, with BC II again being caught on the break - fitness levels anyone???

Goal 3 was a good strike from twenty yards out into the top corner. BC II tried to remain calm, but were clearly panicking. Every single free kick was the long ball, and we made tought work of what breaks we had. At 4 - 0 down a beautiful through ball from Downie saw Karl just outside the area where he managed to slot it past Craig to make it 4 - 1. Substitutions saw Rob coming on Downie, Downie swapping for Ben, and then finally Ben swapping for Neil.

6 - 1 on the night is again a harsh score line - they were not 5 goals better than us, and on another night it could easily have been a draw. Some great performances!


Voting Players Man of the Match:  Neil

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