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26th Feb 2008 BCI vs. MK Galaxy

BCI 0-4 Mk Galaxy

Captain Rob Man of the Match:  Karl
Captain Rob Match Summary: 
It seemed a fine night for football as the freezing misty weather had cleared and the Bunky Boys were ready for action - without Spoony once again.  As usual the team were using various subs of different ranking, (1st & 2nd Battalion) as no-one likes to wear the green shirts of gloom. Putting the gypsy curse aside, a plan was hatched to overthrow the big bunch of farmers BC1 faced and with a whistle blow, there was a charge!  The first few minutes went by pretty well,  the ball was being held up, attacks were made and defended against and there was even some safe-play going on at the back, with passing the ball back to keeper (something that all BC teams are somewhat lacking in if you ask me).  Then the curse rained down, Richy A had done some quality saves, but alas, there is no beating the voodoo.
All the BC1 players played well ,but when Karma is crapping on you, there's no way to win. 4 fluky goals to the Galaxy,  nothing but a lot of sweat for the BC Boys. We all played well, put it in, but when you're wearing a green shirt, life is never going to be easy.

Voting Players Man of the Match: Richy A

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