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15th Jan 2008 BCI vs BCIII


Captain Spoony Man of the Match:  Matty, but a close call between him and James.

Captain Spoony Match Summary: 
With the wind and rain lashing down on a sodden pitch, the scene was set for a real Bunkys v Bunkys tustle in the mud.  

Opening 10 mins saw both team settling in to the game, Danny pushing on in the first few seconds, only to screw it up under pressure. 

The better team took the lead after some fancy foot work from Karl put through Mossy, who heard the cries of a poorly marked Matty coming in from left. A swift cross ball, gave Matty the chance to side foot it past the stranded Disco, and advantage BC 1.
............i can't remember much after that.......

Voting Players Man of the Match:   Ben/James joint.

Captain Gaz Man of the Match:   Chris
Captain Gaz Match Summary: 
The lack of attention shown in the BCI match report accurately mirrors the lack of discipline and shape they demonstrated in the game .... having missed a couple of early chances and going 1-0 down, BCIII took the game by the scruff of the neck and equalised when Chris picked the ball up deep in defence, ran through (past?) the clumsy challenges, before cutting back to strike home his first goal.

A couple of efforts off the post and the bar denied what could have been a staggering half-time lead but after a patient build-up, an excellent finish by Joel from a tight angle on the right saw BCIII deservedly take at least a 2-1 lead into the second half.

Not sure if Disco actually played in the second half as BCIII dominated that much and after a few more efforts smacked against the woodwork, Sean finally managed to work the ball free and send the reds on their way with a cheeky chip over Ben from the edge of the area .... that's right, not inside, just on the edge. After much protesting, the ref. finally managed to regain control of the game and calm the distraught BCI players but at 3-1, BCIII were now relaxed and knocking the ball around with ease, comfort and style.

The fourth BCIII goal was pure football, with some clever one-two's carving open BCI down the left and the final shot into the top corner giving Ben no chance of a save.

Final result : BCIII 4 (Four), BCI 1 (An-aisle-ated).

Voting Players Man of the Match:   Joel/Chris joint

Below follows that anonymous one-liners!

Pressure, nah, just crap technical ability!  - Danny


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