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29th May 2007 - BCIII vs. Crazy MK Utd

BCIII 4-1 Crazy MK Utd

BCIII were just awesome last night, best game this year by far.  No Spoony or Russ, Adam and Sean in to the starting 6.  A double from Adam, 1 from Sean and 1 OG rounded off a great display from BCIII.  Comfortable football, solid in every respect.  Took me (Sean) a minute to remember what to do, but everything came off last night.  We gave MK Utd what they often dish out themselves.  Adam cleaned up on MOM votes, I personally will pay his yellow card fine for his 'what needed to be done tackle' at 2-1 up.  Excellent game lads, it was a pleasure to play with you all.  The spectators even went home happy!  Job Done!

Captain Gaz Review of the Match:  An emphatic victory last night, with a re-shuffled team all playing exceptionally well. Solid passing, good movement and well timed challenges gave BCIII a much deserved 3 points in their best performance of the year, possibly the season. Well played all, particularly Sean for his consistent end to end running, scoring one and making two (and that tackle on Dave) and to Adam for slotting two home (in a welcome return!).

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