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26th June 2007 - BCIII vs. BCI


Captain Gaz Match Report:  Right from the whistle BCIII blew BCI apart, creating 4 or 5 wonderfully worked openings in the first 5 minutes, all of which Disco managed to either just claw away or save brilliantly .... rightfully earning the MoM award from his own team. Unfortunately, but not unexpectedly, BCI dropped deeper and deeper, to try and withstand the pressure and effectively killed the game as a spectacle shortly after.
Whilst they will probably consider retaining the ball without leaving their half and forcing BCIII into speculative shots to be a well executed game plan, I think the vast majority recognise it for what it was. Boring, cagey, cautious, negative and defensive. Poor Ian had absolutely nothing to do.

Half way through the second half, with BCIII continuing to push forward, this lack of action nearly created one of the most significant travesities of justice the club has witnessed as BCI took the lead, a weak scrambled shot somehow slipping between Ian's legs. If only he'd been playing for the first 15-20 minutes!

Cue acute tactical awareness, a change in formation and BCIII again piled on the pressure, dominated the chances and forced an excellent equaliser.

"Good game" and "Well played" appeared to be the shouts from the BCI squad, whilst disappointment was the order of the day for BCIII. This tells it's own story.

MoM for BCIII :- Martyn

Captain Danny Match Report:  Mom - Disco

Two pot-shots from Swinners were beaten away with the contempt they deserved by Disco at the start of the return match. After the brief barrage (2 shots, is that it?) from the opposition BC1 decided the time was right to start playing the game properly and started to boss the game.
Some good play to open up the oppositions raggedy defence & lightweight midfield was only let down by some so-so shooting as we gave them a glimmer of a chance to contribute to the spectacle for the bored onlookers. (I hope they didn’t have to pay to watch!)
Ian slipped & fell on the few shots which were on target until Steve finally got bored of being nice to a lethargic Russ and rolled one to Ian who somehow managed to fall too late, oh no, BC1 scored, surely that can’t be fair? It was then painful to look around at the faces of the BC3 players….we were hoping to see them pick themselves up & have a go.
Was this too much to hope for? Where was this BC3 fighting spirit we had all read about, this annihilation we were supposed to receive, this classy, polished team to face?

A decision was taken to relax to allow them into the game. Rob came on for Phil & was detailed to allow them some room, the same info passed to Jus. Disco was told to close one eye & Daz to stop tackling but as the clock ran down it was obvious that they had little chance to score a goal befitting the occasion. Finally they had to resort to the only tactic they know, hoof & run. BC1 spotted this “tactic” and as a gracious & supremely fair group of people allowed a rebound to “drop” to one of the new players with a strike rate which takes him ever closer to reaching the magical 0 on the improved striker stats.
Cue, massive celebration that was actually quite awkward to watch, grown men gently weeping having given their all to scrape a dying seconds draw.
BC1 allowed them their moment & as the final whistle blew not 30 seconds later knew the result had not deflated any ego. Hands were shaken and you could hear “good game” & “well played” from the purposeful BC1.

Below follows that anonymous one-liners!


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