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Bunky Chollox 1000th Game in the Shenley League (since stats began!)

Well Tuesday 26th Jul 2011 we will hit 1000 competitive league games played at Shenley, well since stats began as we never kept any that first season. 1994 was a long time ago and a lot has changed, but well done to all for keeping Bunky’s going.  There are still a few of the originals registered and the others often come out of retirement for special occasions. The new breed have also done us proud in fitting in to what Bunky’s is all about.

All the stats can be found on the Stats tab of
Some 50+ players have graced the shirt.
Over 1000 goals scored and nearly as many conceded.
Estimated £20,000+ in league fees alone at £20 a game, that does not include nearly 20 years of Saturday footy and the amount of beer and pork scratching must make it well over £50k

If SLC did naming rights it should be renamed Bunky Chollox

Bunky Chollox Allstars 3-2 MK Fusion


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