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1                     The duration of a League game is 40 minutes. 

2                     Only 5 players will be permitted on the pitch at any one time, one of which will be the goalkeeper. 

3                     Any team found with unregistered or suspended players on the field will have the match awarded against them by a score of 10-0 

4                     Up to 8 team players only may be named for a match, who must be available for inspection by the referee prior to the match starting. Players may only play for one team in the same division but can play for another team in another division. Any players found playing for more than one team in the same division shall be disqualified and a 10-0 victory will be awarded to the opposition. 

5                     Players must be attired in proper strips and footwear including shin pads. Jewelry must be removed or taped up. 

6                     The entire team must be behind the ball at kick off. 

7                     The game will begin with one team taking the kick off from the centre, decided by the toss of a coin. A centre kick may be played in any direction and a goal may be scored direct from the centre. 

8                     Only the defending keeper is allowed to play the ball inside the area.  The goalkeeper must underarm through the ball at all times he cannot kick the ball into play unless it is from a save. 

9                     A goal may be scored from any point outside the goal area and within the field of play. 

10                  The goalkeeper must return the ball into play by rolling it out of his area with an under arm bowling action. A keeper failing to do this will be penalized with an indirect kick being awarded against him 2M outside the area. 

11                  The ball may not be returned to the goalkeeper until at least 2 other players have touched it.  An indirect free kick will be awarded against the goalkeeper 2M outside the area where a defender returns the ball directly back to him. 

12                  A keeper who deliberately leaves the area in an attempt to gain an advantage, or plays the ball outside the area under any circumstance, will be penalized with the awarding of a penalty against him. 

13                  The awarding of a penalty will penalize a defender who enters the area attempting to gain an advantage, or who plays the ball when the ball is in the area. 

14                  Teams may change their keeper more than once during a match and must gain the referees permission to do so.  It is at the Referee’s discretion. 

15                  Three substitutes per team are allowed and can be used as often as required. All substitutions must first be authorized by the referee and only made when the ball is out of play. 

16                  If any team is reduced to 3 players due to misconduct, the game will be awarded to their opponents with a score of 10-0, or the result at the time the game ended should the goal difference be greater. 

17                  The ball may not be played above head height. Head height is measured by the height of each individual referee, and where the ball clearly travels over the height of the referee. 

18                  The ball will remain in play if after rebounding off the keeper, posts, crossbar or kick boards, or when the ball inadvertently goes above head height. 

19                  The award of an indirect free kick will be given for the following offences:

a)                   Ball played over head height

b)                   Goal keeper not returning the ball underarm

c)                   Impending an opponent

d)                   Heading the ball

e)                   Player returning the ball directly back to the keeper after receiving the ball from him. 

20                  A player who commits any of the following offences will have a direct free kick awarded against him:

a)       Charges an opponent

b)       Body checks or slide tackles

c)       Holding the fences

d)       Any contact by a defending player towards an attacking player whilst in the corners of the pitch 

21                  A player may not stand closer than 1M from the ball when defending a free kick. Contravention of this rule will result in the kick being taken again from the place where the defending player stood at the time the kick was taken. Free kicks must be taken 2M from the boards / goal area.  

22                  Penalty kicks will be taken with a one step rule. 

23                  Teams must be pitch side at least 5 minutes before there game starts.  There will be a penalty clause if teams are not on the pitch for there Kick Off.  This will be at the Manager’s discretion 

24                  Persistent contravention of the rules in the first instance with referees discretion will result in a player spending a minimum period of 2 minutes in the Sin Bin Area (Blue Card). A 2nd Blue card will result in that player receiving suspension from immediate effect for that game only.  Receiving of a straight Red Card will result in Suspension from immediate effect and a ban from playing at Powerleague (depending on the offence committed) a minimum of 2 weeks will be served.  This will be at Powerleague’s Discretion. 

25                  When the ball is played into the corners of the pitch, the player who retrieves the ball will be allowed to take the ball out unhindered by the opposition. A defending player who makes contact with the ball player will have a direct free kick awarded against him. The ball player will have no more than 5 seconds to bring the ball back into play. NB Referee’s have been instructed to allow only minimum contact on all other areas of the kick boards.  

26                  Cancellation – NO team can cancel any League/Friendly game as you have signed a 14 week contract to play in a Powerleague 5-a-side League.

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