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Poetry Corner


A poem entitled 'Choppers Away' from James Arnold.

They call me “Chopper”, the description’s not proper,
I won’t tell you fibs, I hate wearing bibs,
I’ve been whacked in the ribs, the standard is sh*t,
I’m getting unfit, I think I should quit”.


A poem entitled 'Dwayne's World' from Tom Cole.

There once was a player called Dwayne,

Who never a yard would he gain,

He barged and he charged, nutmegged and backheeled,

But where he start and he end were the same


A poem entitled 'Wiazrds Quest' from Dwayne Hendrickson.

We lost, Tom was on a quest and kept getting lost when in front of Goal! (I kid)

 The wizards were let down by the tired Wizards in training
(the players not usually part of the team)

The eldest Wizard of us all (Jeff) has long since cast his last spell.

Rob’s magic wand nearly saw him score a wonder left foot goal.

The returning ‘Black’ wizard was unfit and off the pace and needs
more spell casting lessons!!!!!!!!



A poem entitled 'November 6 a side' from Justin Long.

November 6 a side.
The taste of sweat and rain.

Legs burn, fingers freeze, tempers flare.
The taste of blood and rain.



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