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minutes of the



Date / Time

Tuesday 21st June 2005 @ 9:00 pm



Shenley Leisure Centre (Where Else ..??)






Ritchie A.





















Ben Tranter



Steve Someone



Other Hanger Ons

Fiat Punto’s





Sloped, splintered







Yaris Boy Racer








From me to u if I missed u out






1.  Teams



2.  Squad Players



3.  End of Season ‘Doo’



4.  Christmas (?)



5.  Ryans Award



6.  Golf



7.  Voting System



8.  Annual Subs



9.  ‘Ashes’ tour of Shenley, against … Shenley!



10. Treasurer



11. Things to do on the ‘Web’



12. AoB


Chairman’s Welcome …

(I’m making this bit up)

And so, welcome one and all to the 2005 Bunky Chollox AGM. (Cue music, sweeping, flashing lights, and animated presentation on big screen).

It gives me great pleasure (that’s the made up bit) to address you all again in what seems to be my one and only duty to the club (apart from the minutes. Does this qualify me to be a contender in the (soon to be proposed – read down) Mark Roger’s Sponsored Sean de Fraine Good Clubman of The Year Framed Certificate?).

Despite a year of tragedy, unfulfilled promise on the pitch, our (current) Treasurer assures me that this season has been an unrivalled success away from the playing.

As well as a healthy financial position, we have managed to improve and update our web-site (helping us towards achieving our global recognition dream) win a few quid at the quiz, produce some rather fine car stickers (limited quantities still available), unveil a new kit and sponsorship deal and make lot’s of new friends!

We should all be proud of this year’s achievements and without further ado, let’s see now if we can make it even more costly and complicated in some way next year … and commence what will result in the longest set of minutes yet …

1.  Teams

Midway through the season, when both teams were playing pretty poorly, it was suggested (by Mossy) that we should re-visit the teams and shake it all up.

Most agreed – although some contentious postings were to be found on the web – however, following an improved second half of the season (well, for BC1 anyway), GD moved that the teams remain the same.

NB seconded the motion, but did put forward the caveat that the teams should be the same only if we changed them. (He’s all for change). This point referred to the position of BC1 ‘keeper, however, Sean declared Daz. extremely keen to retain this position, and so we left them as they were.

Mossy agreed, so did a few others, the motion was carried.

Next season’s teams will therefore be as they were this year, which is to say;



Dazza Johnson

Ritchie Armstrong

Russell Forbes

Neil Biggs

Gazza Davies

Justin Long

Mark Rolfey

Mark Rogers


Ben Tranter


Dazza Johnson

2. Squad Players

With a whole host of new players participating in ‘training’ on a Saturday, Sean motioned to change the squad players to those that would actually want to travel/watch/play regularly.

A question was raised over Matty’s enthusiasm (I can’t remember by who, sorry) in view of his only appearing once or twice over the last few weeks. GD has already spoken to Matty and he can confirm Matty’s commitment.

Matty will therefore continue to be FIRST SUB FOR BOTH TEAMS. (Matty, please read this bit again – just to make sure). He will also be standing in for Justin during the forthcoming games (Cup, Ashes etc.) that Jus can’t make because of his Aussie trip.

The other squad players were named as;

Paul Botty

Michael (Duffer?) – who’s a deffo.

Steve Someone

Danny – who’s doubtful !

It was also decided that we would post a ‘Hall of Shame’ listing any player who fails to turn up without pre-warning or arranging a sub. It was re-confirmed that Sean’s job is NOT to chase players – they should look at the fixture list, watch the web – and then either turn up and play – or make it known they can’t make it.


The date for the EOSD has been confirmed as 20th August 2005.

The day will start with a game of footy at 4:00 pm – and all players who regularly play will be invited.

Action : Sean is to book the pitch and count the confirmations after he has sent the invites out, so that we can divvy up the players into teams and have some sort of tournament.

After the games will be a couple of beers and the Awards Ceremony.

Action : Gaz is to see if Lesley wants to present Ryan’s Award.

After that we go to Stony for a game of beer golf.

Action : Russ is to define any rules, make up a score-card and (new bit) decide on the STARTING pub in case someone can’t make football but wants to join in the evening.

All non-team players will be required to pay their own way on the night and will be excluded from the Bunky ‘kitty’ (aswe’ve already paid our hard earned cash (or Deb’s and our hard earned cash through state payouts in the case of Neil))

4. Christmas

I’ve absolutely no idea why this is an agenda item. Sean claims that GD put this on but that’s a bare faced lie. Who cares about Christmas?

Nonetheless, should anyone want to go out at Christmas, they can. By a slight margin, it was agreed not to cancel Christmas completely. If anyone should want to go out with other Bunky players they can (just pick up the phone and ask) … and if a lot of players want to go out with a lot of players, then 1st December is the night to do it. Apparently.

5. Ryan’s Award

All parties voted on their favourite nomination for the 2005 Ryan Award. It was agreed that in the event of a tie (which it was) that a second vote would be undertaken on the short-listed contenders.

This is in progress now – and the two options are;

5.1           Neil Biggs

‘… Ever seen an amputee playing with their feet?’

5.2.        Russell Forbes

‘… That’s not my real ladder, it’s my step ladder’

Votes for the second round are to be sent to GD – who will then have the decanter engraved and get the other trophies at the same time.

(GD chastised RF for not setting up a proper ‘Text’ voting number like they have on the tele.)

6. Golf

On the web, is a suggestion that a golf day be organised.

Regrettably, the club cannot officially declare a golfing day at this stage, so if you want to play golf, you can – but NOT in your shirts!!!

I think Russ or Ben are interested in … so best speak with them.

7. Voting System

Fortunately, this saved the AGM. The team selections were rather easy – but you can always rely on the voting to boil the blood and stir the whatsit.

I can’t recall everything – but there was certainly contention over why we averaged the number of points awarded at the end of each game over the games played – and also why we imposed a minimum of 75% games being played (in your league) for you to qualify for the Div.1/2 ‘Player of The Year’.

The answers, my friends, were simple. Unfortunately, they couldn’t be recalled on the night and so two very eloquent arguments were put forward by Mark Rogers (in favour of a totals points accumulated system) and Sean de Fraine (in favour of an averaged points system, albeit with a lesser threshold).

There was also some talk about rewarding players who turned up – but this wasn’t carried.

Back to the points then, the arguments raged, the support rapturous and in a closely fought battle, the results were;

          Accumulated totals (Mark)        55%

          Averaged totals (Sean)             45%

          Abstained (no-one)                   10%

So this year, the voting will comprise of;

Points 1, 2 or 3 awarded to the lesser, slightly better and best player of the game.

Only starting players vote – but votes can be cast for any participating player

Accumulated points will result in the individual league Player awards

Player’s Player of The Year will continue to be averaged – and a minimum of 25% overall games must be played.

After the meeting concluded, a representative ‘sub-committee’ voted to post the positions of the votes on the web (but not their points total) until mid-season.

The idea of this is so that we can all see how badly we are faring and hopefully buck our idea’s up !!! So make sure you Make note 

8. Annual Subs

Shenley have once again imposed an horrific increase on the match fees, joining fees etc. – and the Berks & Bucks FA have also put up their registration fee.

Nonetheless, the Club has decided to maintain prices for the 2005/6 season and these are;

Signing on Fee (Team Players only)               £25.00

Match Fees (Team Players only)                   £90.00 per season (two installments) or

                                                                   £  7.50 monthly DD.

9. Annual Bunky vs. Shenley Cup

It has been proposed by Shenley that an annual cup should be contested between SLC and Bunky’s. This game is to be played on the opening day of the Premiership Season each year.

An old shirt from both sides will be burnt and held in a cup/urn type of thing and the winning team retain this. The game will be 30 minutes long with rolling subs – as long as they are registered players.

The first cup will be held on 13th August 2005 (Time tbc).

10.  Treasurer

GD mooted that it has come to his attention the treasurer (RUSSELL) has been a bit slack in his handling of some of the more important ‘official’ duties, such a registering the team etc.

This is simply unacceptable and cannot be tolerated. It is a fundamental requirement that the Club is represented in a suitable and appropriate manner when engaging in official communication.

RF has been warned as to his future conduct.

In respect of the financial side of his duties, the Club would like to reiterate that no suggestion of improper behavior has been made and the accounts are in order.

For this we give thanks.

11. Things to do on the web …

It has been noted that many important announcements or requests go unanswered on the web.

Accepting that it is not always possible to access the web-page, as people work away etc.), it should be noted that this is the official website and therefore the most efficient way of keeping everyone up to-date with developments, match cancellations, changes etc.

Your enhanced support would be much appreciated.

12.  AoB

Before we get into this – as there are plenty of them, I’m just going to nip to the chippy for some food. Do you mind? Minutes adjourned then.

Right, I’m back ….. first up;

12.1       Playing a ‘JOKER’ for points in a match ….

RM proposed this and it was clearly deemed ridiculous – but still put to a vote. The idea was that (before the game) you elected to play a ‘Joker’ and doubled – or even trebled – your points. (Insert obvious comments about how many ‘Jokers’ Richard thinks he can play each year ..

It was put to a vote, with the results as follows;







          Motion denied.

12.2       Mark Rogers proposed a ‘Clubman of the Year’ Award for services rendered – albeit Mossy is convinced it’s yet another award for Sean!

It is a democratic club and so a vote was held. The results show;

Yes, let’s have a certificate


No, we’ve got enough, it’s daft


I don’t care, it won’t be me


So, we have a NEW AWARD. Mark is going to prepare and name this and it will work on the premise of ‘one man, one vote’ – you can vote anyone for anything, but best stick to something you feel they have given or done for the club beyond the normal expectation.

12.3   After kicking around the idea that we’re not even sure we need them, (the position, not the people – you arse’s!) voting saw the following Captains appointed;




Mark Rogers

12.4       Not even really worth mentioned, Away Kits were discounted as (a) we don’t actually play away and (b) we have the Gold shirts still …..

12.5       An exotic trip to Dubai was mentioned …. Not sure why. Someone said ‘Jon’ but no-one could really remember him or why we would want to go to Dubai particularly!

I think it was agreed that if anyone went to Dubai, they should look up someone called ‘Jon’ …. But no official trip was planned.

Then we remembered that he has set up ‘Bunky Dubai’ and can get cheap kits next time we need one … so come on, everybody, make an effort. Dubai’s meant to be lovely.

12.6       Ritchie Armstrong has proposed that we enter into a Fantasy Football competition (Telegraph version) and that he will buy a plaque for the highest placed Bunky member.

It’s not hard – so why not. But we did forget to ask him if it costs anything! 

Ritchie will prepare rules and will hand out the player sheets once they have been published.

12.7       It was reiterated that if any player receives a fine for a booking or sending off, they will be liable to pay the club the FA fine and an equal amount as a club fine.

12.8       In the forthcoming season, it was agreed that BC1 would play in League ONE and BC2 would play in League TWO.

12.9       No AGM would be complete without everyone having a laugh at Neil’s suggestion of a Fitness programme.

12.10  And finally …… Sean and Gaz will be attending a meeting/evening type thing at Shenley to discuss potential rule changes for next season, like deposits, point deductions, number of games each club may postpone etc.

Any suggestions should be given to Sean/Gaz/posted a.s.a.p.

There being no further business, the meeting ended. And thus (well, eventually), the typing ended.

© Bunky Chollox FC 2014.  Established  1994.  All rights reserved.