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Date / Time Tuesday 20 July @ 21:15
Venue Shenley Leisure Centre (Home of football)
Chair Gareth Davies
Present Richard Armstrong
  Russell Forbes
  Jon de Fraine
  Sean de Fraine
  Darren Johnson
  Justin Long
  Mark Rolfe
  Ben Tranter
Absent Neil Biggs
  Richard Moss
  Mark Rogers
Agenda 1. Club Appointments
  2. 10 Year Celebrations
  3. Team Selection
  4. Kitty
  5. Votes for Votes Shock
  6. AoB



The following appointments were unanimously agreed; - except for the bit that has been changed just before posting these minutes.

Club Secretary  Sean de Fraine
Duties            Web site maintenance
  Confirmation on fixtures (incl. postponements)
  Result recording
  Vote recording (BC 1)
  Vote counting
  Player Statistics
  Contact for Shenley 
Club Treasurer Russell Forbes
Duties             Payment due advice/monitoring
  Payment of all pitch & other fees
BC2 Vote Catcher Justin Long
Duties Catching votes for BC2 and giving them to Club Secretary


This means that Russ is no longer the contact for Shenley, Sean is. And therefore Sean is the new chairman, winning what could have been described as an almighty power struggle and maintaining the grip that the de Fraine ‘family’ have held over the club for nine years.

Except it wasn’t.


Weekend away is now confirmed as being 24th~26th September.

Attendance confirmation still required from;

Alan Stoddart (Jon de Fraine to chase)
Andy Moss   (Richard Moss to chase)
Mark Rogers (Jon de Fraine to chase)

Venue to be near a sports-hall-type place where we can create teams and play a few hours of 5-a-side.

Weekend to be as near to free as possible for 2003/2004 season players making full contributions. (Payment that is, not performance. Fortunately for Russ.)


With the departure of Jon de Fraine to the Middle East, Ben Tranter will join the starting line up, replacing Richard Moss in midfield for BC2 who will in turn replace Jon de Fraine in midfield for BC1

Reservations noted from Sean de Fraine and Gareth Davies. And Russell Forbes. And Darren Johnson. And Justin and Jon himself. And Ben. And Rolfey before he had to go.

Chuckles noted from Neil Biggs by Proxy.

This means that the teams will be as follows;

  BC1 BC2
Goal Darren Johnson  Richard Armstrong
Defence Gareth Davies   Neil Biggs
  Russell Forbes Justin Long
Midfield Richard Moss Mark Rogers
  Mark Rolfe Ben Tranter
Forward Sean de Fraine Darren Johnson

With the new league system (see AoB), it was also suggested that the new treasurer should send an e-mail to all players to see if they wished to register for BOTH teams.

(Note : This hasn’t been done yet as Russ was too busy looking at his trophies and sending out a list of what he’s won and when instead).


It was agreed that the signing-on fee will remain at £20.00 per player (not per player per team team) and that subs will be £3.50 per game – or £4.00 per game if any increase from Shenley is advised.

The club chairman and treasurer will no doubt advise everyone in due course …


After a much heated debate (surprisingly), a new and complex system of voting was voted in by voting .. by the voters.

The idea was to force people think about their votes – and reward any player who plays consistently badly accordingly.

A form will be issued at the end of each game with everyone’s names on. Votes will be cast as ‘1’ or ‘2’ or ‘3’ against the players that you think have performed best.

A ‘3’ will denote the player you feel has played best out of the players you think played best.

A ‘2’ will denote the second best player, in your opinion, of the players that have played the best, in your opinion, during the game.

A ’1’ will denote that player who has quite frankly performed the worst out of all the players who performed the best – at least as far as you are concerned.

(Note : It was further suggested that any player found to be not casting a vote on any given evening would have all votes for them during that same evening ‘struck orf’. Not sure if this was agreed or not – but perhaps the club chairman could set up an ‘e-vote’ on our new website ..?).


SdF, even though the cushion on the throne in the home of Bunky Chollox is not yet cold, raced into his new duties and reported a change in the management of the league for the 2004/2005 season.  This is purely a provisional idea put forward by Shenley.  To be confirmed.

6.1 The winners and runners-up of each division will start in Div 1 next season.
6.2 Everyone else will play in a competition with winners going into Div. 1 and losers going into Div. 2.
6.3 There WILL be promotion and relegation.
6.4 All new entrants will have to join Div. 2.
6.5 ALL Div. 1 and Div. 2 games will be played on the SAME night, using both pitches.
6.6 Referees will alternate week to week between divisions.


There being no further business, the meeting closed.


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