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Bunky Chollox FC AGM

Date: 9th September 2008

Venue: New revamped Shenley Leisure Centre Bar

Present: Rob, Jus, Tom, Neil, Gaz, Sean, Danny, Darryl, Chris M.

Minutes follow:

HOS Today my entire (work) team is travelling to Newcastle ahead of our Sales Conference at Slaley Hall tomorrow. Most of them will be in the bar by 6pm, and there's a team meal at 8pm.  As I don't want to let my (Bunky's) team down on only the second game of the season, I'm going to play, and then immediately jump in my car at 9pm to drive 245.8 miles (according to the AA website!) - probably arriving at about 1am in the morning.  For this display of dedication I will receive a HOS point - for not coming in the bar afterwards.  I could have chosen to not turn up, let the team down, and not get any HOS points - so in these circumstances, I am being penalised for showing dedication to my team.  It's a tongue-in-cheek whinge as I know there will be many people with more HOS points than me, but it highlights that there is some injustice with the current system that needs correcting. I may even appeal! - Ben Tranter.

  • Rejected.  Social HOS to remain in place for any playing player that does not come in the bar after the game for whatever reason.  The appeal process in place if you feel hard done by.

Should an extra HOS be allocated for an unsuccessful HOS appeal?

  • Carried.  Danny (appeal master) will treat all appeals seriously, however if you appeal is unsuccessful you will get an extra HOS (social or football) depending on what you appealed.

MOM votes vs. appearance.  How long do you need to be on the pitch?

  • Football HOS for no MOM votes even if you play for 1 second.  Appeal allowed to HOS panel.

Awards.  Existing Awards remain:
Player of the Year - votes/game only allowed to miss 3 games, starting 6 players only.
Non-starting Player of the Year - Votes/game no limit on games played, non-starting squad players only.
but add new awards for:
Sub of the year. Votes/game for ANYONE that comes on as a sub. No games limit. Whole squad allowed.
Starter of the year. Votes/game for ANYONE that starts. No games limit. Whole squad allowed.
How about a couple of new awards to help boost the goal scoring tally for each team?
Top goals from a defence & midfield position, I will guess that the strikers pretty much have their own in the top goal-scorer award.
Should it be from the games in your own team or to cover all games you play in? Some people will play more as a sub so to keep it fair maybe it should be from your starting team only that count?

  • Rejected.  Awards in place cover above suggestions.

Social / Football HOS.  25p a point now we are HOS happy?

  • Rejected.  HOS fine to remain @ 50p per HOS.  Only winner of Social HOS pays 50p per HOS.  Football HOS, all pay for every HOS.  All HOS monies donated to charity.

MOM Voting.  Have to give 6 points or just 1.  It needs to be consistent for Player of the Year.

  • Carried.  Have to award 6 points in total next season.  1,1,1,1,1,1  3,3  2,2,2  1,2,3 or any combination as long as it totals 6 points.

subs.  Will review once league entry and fee's announced.

  • Subs frozen for 3rd year.  20 signing on fee.  8.50 per month for 12 months.  Overpay given back at EOS do.  Standing order preferred payment method or at least 10 per month cash.

I think Shenley should provide a vegan alternative to pork scratchings - James Brokeback Mayson.

  • Social HOS for James.  Bunky Chollox FC supports Pork Scratchings as part of a balanced diet.


Sean - Unfair voting patterns.  Some people do not take voting seriously which has an effect on the overall Player of the Year award.  Currently if you come on as a sub and get 1 vote the game counts against your average.  You do not have the same amount of time in a game as a starting player.  Players that sub are often penalised for making the effort to sub.

  • Accepted.  New for 2008 season.  You can only vote for starting 6 players, however should a 1st Sub come on as a sub they can obtain votes.  A starting player from any team is not entitled to votes should they come on as a sub, only if they start.  These games will therefore not be counted and not have any impact on their Votes/Game average for Player of the Year.

Jus - Everyone should have Team haircut or goatee beard.

  • Rejected

Sean - What to do with Excess club funds throughout the year.

  • Agreed that Excess money should be invested in Premium Bonds.

Jus - Setting up Bunky Chollox FC as a Charity or Limited Company.  Community and Tax incentive possibility.

  • Jus to follow up.

Neil - Bunky's timeshare.  Invest excess funds in timeshare.

  • Rejected

Chris/Danny/Darryl - can't remember who started it, anyway, weekend away playing in football tournament.

  • Good idea and should be able to get enough for at least 1 team.  To be followed up during season.

Other HOS penalties.  Review.

  • Existing HOS rules remain in place.


Meeting adjourned, beer and scratchings consumed.

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