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FHM/O2 CUP 2006

**** Note - still more pics and movie clips to come when Russ gets off his....

FHM/O2 Cup Final - Sunday 15th May 2006 - Highbury Stadium, North London

Bunky's report....

So a few less than planned started the trek to London village.  Miserable Bletchley Station for the 12:22.  There was no 12:22 so 12:40 it was.  Daz was already um'ing and r'ing via phone vote, car probs, but 21.30 later the rest of us, me (Sean), Jus and Russ with his 'Monthly travel card' boarded the finest Silverlink had to offer for the day and headed to Highbury.  We should have the AGM on the train as it was Bunky's chat the whole way down.  How we fix votes, how we force the ugly away, all that good stuff.  We have a few new AOB items for the AGM anyway. 

We hit Euston and made our way to the tube for Finchley Park.  10 mins later, the A-Z was out and off we went.  It wasn't that long before the tatty old North Bank came into view.  We got to the entrance, the flashy barcodes that had been sent to our phones failed to work but we blagged our way in.  Not really, there was a backup text with another number that got us in.  We still don't know how much those text cost us?

So once inside or rather under the North Bank there was all the same, as now expected FHM/O2 stuff for a better word.  The photo crew were there doing the front covers, O2 trying to sell phones, a bar, a burger stand, people blatantly nicking anything from Highbury they could, oh and of course up the stairs was some football!

4 pitches laid out on the once immaculate Highbury turf.  Games in action all over the place.  Fans a plenty, celebs away in the directors seats.  Music pumping from the vast speakers, friends cheering as games took place.  We sat, we watched, we are so much as good as them, how did we not get there?  That formed the basis if the day really.   We watched the games, tried to spot a celeb or 1.  Couldn't find Dan of Jennie.   Kelly was the MC again.  Us mere mortals were confined to the stands with only players allowed on the pitch.  We went to the bar, got snacks, all in line with club policy where possible and played table football.  We have to make the Finals next year!

When it got a tad boring we examined the stands and seats in some detail, will leave at that as we don't know who reads this.  Is Jules Holland an Arsenal fan though?

Some team called "Black & White brigade"... or something like that won. They were ok, but looked more in keeping with the BC spirit, than fast on their feet with silky skills. Nice to have a team like that win!  The girls team in pink won the girls comp, sorry missed there name and there was the penalty shootout against big Nev right in front of us!

Note.  Highbury was smaller than Russ expected!

Anyway, with no evening do to attend this year, we left after the final and cup presentation. We got another FHM front cover pic with some honeys and a butchas at the new Emerates stadium (from over a distance 'cos it's still restricted access).

As for celebs... pretty poor show really, but we think that's due to the Sky celeb footy thing going on yesterday. Big Nev was there and Big Brother's winner Anthony, but didn't recognise anyone else from distance.

We made our way back to Euston via another pub and probably missed the decent train as it took a ruddy age to get home, but all the same another great day out.  Thanks FHM/O2 & Jennie.  Bunky's On Tour - YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN THERE!!

Oh yea, Daz never made it in the end.

Jus/Russ care to add anything...........

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Classic photo Jules Holland seat? That sign soon left I knew we should have dressed up
Higbury Impressive Quality snacks See what I got film of
MC Kell's No arms Southall D-List celebs Reflection..
It really is that close Directors seats They've got our kit 3.30
Table footy Spread the word Oh yes, it's a phone too Work it baby


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