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8-2 vs Inter Minan - what can anyone say other than a great team effort by the BC2 boys. Some great defensive work from Justin and Matty in particular kept a usually attacking team like IM to long shots and failing to find each other in the final third where as we all know it counts - c'mon we all know that, particularly the BC1 team that lost recently to the IM boys! DJ played a blinder sitting just behind the front man - providing support and assisting, I think with at least half of the goals on the night - not letting the physical IM defence put him off his stride. As for Danny, 4 goals - don't think he missed all night - some fine finishing for our stand in striker, although the approach play created the opportunities that he finished with lethal accuracy. Richy in goal made his save of the season to date with a long range effort clipping one of the defenders and changing complete direction but with a quick change of feet and an outstretched hand his defence watched as the ball went round the side of the post rather than into the back of the net

The two differences for me from the previous week's loss was the togetherness of the team - working for each other both on and off the ball, and the clinical finishing - I think we created as many chances the previous game but failed to score and ended up 1-0 losers!! To "bounce back" in such a fashion against IM was the perfect response to all those stories, those claims and those ill placed comments

The team approach was obvious for all to see - and hopefully some were paying attention to learn from - not only with some great passing interchange and set up play, but how everyone stuck to their jobs and all contributed to one of our best results this season. There was no "substitute" debate following the match - or for days later on the e-mail!! showing just how much all the players respect the team philosophy we have instilled in BC2.

Football is a squad game and it was refreshing to see top striker Dan's willingness to allow Sean on - we think it important that players turning out to support BC2 are given a run out, and as it turned out Sean was set up for a great finish. There has been no falling out between the player and the team management - it was important that given the scoreline we rested the "top" player who will start next game up front for BC2 - I think Danny's reaction showed the respect that exists in BC2 for team strategic decisions!

Lets hope that "stories" and "speculation" about player dis-satisfaction do not continue to do the rounds in the press, on the internet. Lets also hope that certain team managers - they know who they are - concentrate on their team affairs, player satisfaction before they start worrying about life in the BC2 camp. One parting thought with certain teams only appearing in Div 1 it would seem, to "add" to the goals for section of the league table, and with IM appearing a mighty force, BC2 have sent a request in to the league to see if there was an error at the beginning of the season and they in fact got the Div 1 and Div 2 headings the wrong way round - well mistakes happen, as certain defences will tell you"

End of rant ........ until next time

Signed.  Mark Rogers (BCII Manager) 9th November 2005



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