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We looked scared tonight – and at least two of us didn’t seem to want the ball – or at least wanted to get rid of it as soon as possible.

 These are the games that we should relish … us against the top of the league. We should use them to see just how far we have come …but no, we were beaten as soon as we kicked off. 

And now we have to look back and think we could have done more … or the score doesn’t reflect the game. But it does, and it always does. We should be looking back, thinking we gave it our best, no, more than that … knowing we did everything we could.

 In fairness, once we actually got into it, we looked ok – albeit, only for a brief spell – but we still didn’t quite seem to have the conviction that we could actually win. Look at our performances against them in the friendlies – we crucify them, yet when it matters, we just seem to lack confidence. 

The midfield was too deep, the defence pulled out of shape. Remember, it’s our shape that makes us difficult to beat - and for some reason, we just lost it. 

O.K. – once again, Ray failed to spot several clear cut penalty decisions – but we know that sort of thing will happen. 

The subs didn’t work, they spent too much time ball watching and not enough time pushing forward …but the main point is attitude. We need to work on our belief. No-one in this league should be able to beat us – we are as good a unit as them all. It’s no good just thinking that in the bar – we need to think that on the pitch. 

I think we need a break … it seems to work in the Premiership. These clubs get to go away and relax ….. , so, I’ve booked us all a place to watch BC2 next week – they’re playing Athletico, so a night of fun is guaranteed.  

Let’s use the time to bond, soak up the atmosphere, have a couple of drinks and a lorra, lorra laughs …….. at Roger’s BC2. 

See you there!

Signed.  Gaz (BCI Manager) 16th November 2005



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