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BIG HOLES.......

To all but probably for the managers to add their thoughts firstly....

I have just read the match report (entertaining reading for a poor game) and maybe I have missed something along the lines of this gaping hole in the midfield.

Does Rolfie always hold the middle and therefore when I cover for him do likewise?

I think it would help to know my role prior to each game or indeed what is expected as opposed to just the left/right side of a midfield pair.

To help going forward when I fill in or even come on as a sub it would help me firstly & hopefully the team as a whole to know how I should adapt my game for whoever I fill in for.

If it is shown that I should fill this "Gap" as a general rule then that works very well for me. I would like to think I am a fairly flexible player (not made of rubber tho) who can change as required.

Any thoughts to help the "newbie"

Signed, Danny Croft.

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