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 On a cold and windy Monday night, a select Bunky Chollox squad took to the muddy playing fields of
Sutton Coldfield Football Club in order to pit their talent against the best 6-a-Side teams
in the Midlands regional heat. 

In order to qualify for this inaugural tournament, Bunky’s had first had to fight their way through a
series of highly demanding challenges, including (but not limited to): form filling; vote rigging and
pulling names from a hat to select a squad. 

Tough, yes. Fair, maybe. Agreed upon, no. Absolutely not. And let’s not lose sight that none of this was
completed without tears and casualties but, at least, after much ado, a representative squad was
finally chosen … and before the game! 

The lucky lads for the night were; 

In the goal                             Richie A. 

At the back                           Justin Long     Russell Forbes     Gareth Davies

 Through the middle               Matty Rogers    Ben Tranter

And up front                          Sean de Fraine

Led by                                     Mark Rolfe 

Upon arrival at the ground, the clamour for pictures, interviews and freebies had already started –
fortunately, the film crews kept most of the Bunky squad away from the ladies and the threat of
restraining orders never actually carried through … 

It was evident, however, that the copious amounts of drool this fine totty induced had only succeeded
in producing an unplayable surface (the inclement weather not assisting, despite what former
Liverpool ‘legend’ John Scales may have led you to believe). In reality, it resembled a large mud-wrestling
ring, but the breadth of a normal, full size, pitch and maybe 30 metres. across, surrounded by a large inflatable wall.

 Bunky’s were the oldest team on display – both in how long the club had been going and the average
age (who let the kids in?) – although surely this experience could only enhance what we
would bring to such an auspicious occasion? 

Well it did. Oh, the football? No, that was crap. We got a bye in the first game and then lost the
next two 3-0 - but we did hit the post and undertake some very fine defending – particularly,
Justiniho with a couple of goal line clearances. 

The rest of the team did o.k., but the Bunky style of football did not suit the pitch and so … oh,
who are we kidding? We got whapped! 

But, as for the main event, the evening, nay, the reason for being, well, that was fine. EVERYONE
knew who Bunky’s were. John ‘the legend’ Scales wants to join... (He can’t), FHM were so impressed
with the web-site they invited us to the finals (even though we went out straight away), O2 love us
and want to do something (?), Richard’s interview on Horizon was a milestone for the club and best of all,
we were able to enjoy some proper post-match Pork Scratchings in the bar … with our chips and beer.

 Add this to our commemorative purple T-Shirts and the fact that we have at least one FHM girl photo’d
in our kit you’ve got one hell of a success story!

 Well done lads – a great evening … and roll on the finals.

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