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Shenley Leisure Centre Trust Ltd

Outdoor 6-a-Side Football League Rules 

1.         Each Team will consist of six players, one of whom shall be a goalkeeper.   A team shall not take to the field of play with less than four players, one of whom shall be the goalkeeper.

2.         Each team can use three rolling substitutes during the course of the game at anytime with the permission of the referee.

3.         All players (including the goalkeeper) must wear uniform football kit (including shin-pads under calf-length socks). Goalkeepers must wear a distinct jersey different from the players of both teams.

4.         All players must have had their photo taken (team captain’s responsibility) and submitted to SLC by the first round of fixtures, any player that has not submitted their photo after this time will not be eligible to play until it has.

5.         Each team is responsible for providing a suitable match ball size 5, which is fit for use, failure to do so can result in a fine.

6.         Duration of play will be 13 minutes each way. A centre kick will be taken for kick-off and restart after a goal 

7.                     NO BOOTS with screw in studs are to be worn on the Astro-turf area. Only trainers, astro boots or moulded studs can be worn.

8.         There is no offside and a goal can be scored from any part of the playing area except inside the goal area.

9.                   Only the defending goalkeeper is allowed inside the goal area and may handle the ball only in this area 

Penalty for intentional encroachment into the goal area:
          by another member of the defending team, a penalty kick;
          by any member of the attacking team "Goalkeepers ball".

 NOTE: Accidental entry into the goal area by any player that has no effect on play may not be penalised.

 10.        After receiving the ball, a goalkeeper must return it into play using an underarm action within 6 seconds without intentionally time-wasting. Failure to do so will result in a free-kick being awarded to the opposing team, 3 yards from the point of exit from the goal area, opposing players constantly stopping a goalkeeper from returning the ball into play will be penalised. 

11.        The ball may not be directly returned to the goalkeeper by the receiving player of the same team (must touch two players). If it is, a free kick will be awarded to the opposing team 3 yards from the point of entry. 

12.        The goalkeeper is not allowed to play the ball outside the goal area. A penalty will be awarded for a deliberate offence. Intention will be adjudged by the referee. 

13.        If the ball goes above head height a free kick will be awarded against the team that last played or touched the ball. If the ball deflects of a goalkeeper and goes above head height, play will resume with the goalkeeper returning the ball into play.

Above head height will be adjudged by the referee

14.        There will be no direct free kicks except penalty kicks. No arm signals will be given for in-direct free kicks, if dissent is shown to any free kick the ball can be moved forward a further five yards and could result in a penalty kick, as in rule 15.              

15.        Infringement or refusal to withdraw the full 3 yards from a free-kick by an opposing player will result in the referee positioning the free-kick 5 yards nearer the goal of the offending team. If this infringement takes place within 5 yards of the goal a penalty kick will be awarded against the offending team.  

16.        For persistent dangerous play (including reckless charging particularly near the boards, tackles from behind and slide tackles), violent conduct and foul and abusive language, the referee may at his discretion award a penalty kick against the offending team, no matter where the offence takes place.           

17.        Any player sent off will receive a minimum of a one game ban (in that division) and a £10.00 fine. Any player receiving two cautions during the season will receive a 1 game ban (in that division) and a £5.00 fine per caution. 

18.        The referee’s decision is final. The referee will use his discretion at all times and play advantage when possible to keep the game flowing. 

19.        The following method of allocating points will be used: 

            - 3 points for a win
            - 1 point for a draw
            - 0 points for a loss or no-show 

20.        Teams are allowed to postpone two games (on the Friday before the game) which have to be replayed. If anymore postponements occur, this will result in a 5-0 loss and £10 off the £50 deposit.  

21.        Failure to arrive in time for a fixture or a no-show without giving 4 days notice (Friday before the game) of non-attendance will result in a 5-0 win to the opposition. This will also count if you do not have enough players to fulfil your fixture.

Any team owing money for previous missed games will not be permitted to play their next match until all fees are paid. 

22.        In the event of two teams being level at the end of the league season (winners or runners up), goal difference will be taken into account, and then goals scored. 

23         Transfers – Teams are allowed to transfer in new players up until the 19th December 06. Ensure there are no more than 16 players in any squad at any time. Any player used must provide a signed photo before they play.  

There will be no transfer of players from one team to another for the duration of the league 


            PLEASE NOTE: The management of Shenley Leisure Centre reserve the right to enforce a ban or expel any team or individual who in their opinion consistently ignores or breaks the rules, but in particular relating to rule 16.


© Bunky Chollox FC 2014.  Established  1994.  All rights reserved.


© Bunky Chollox FC 2014.  Established  1994.  All rights reserved.