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BUNKY CHOLLOX Mini-Fantasy Football 

2006/2007 Final Table

Rob completes this seasons FF league with the top spot, with Danny in a close 2nd place

Position Team Points Last weeks position
1st Rob Hurts 120 1
2nd Danny 115 2
3 Justin 109 3
4 Disco 106 4
5 Steve 106 5
6 Elliots Team 99 7
7 Mark Rogers 98 6
8 Rusty Badgers 97 8
9 Busty Radgers 94 9
10 Brown Klingons 92 10
11 Ben Trater 88 12
12 Hayley 87 11
13 Sue deFraine 86 13
14 Where's Shenley Website 85 14
15 Tracey 85 16
16 No more Gaffer 84 15
17 Ian Baldwin 81 17
18 Sherriffs Pride 79 18
19 Macas Marvals 79 20
20 Charlottes Team 79 21
21 Jacquis team 77 19
22 Richys Army 76 22
23 Rolfie 69 23

Welcome to Bunky’s Fantasy Football for 2006/2007.

Slightly different format this season, in that you really will be buying your players. Well, not that you get to take them home or anything. You don’t own them. You just hand over your money for them.

Each player has been assigned a value, based on points from last year. You have a total of £3 to select your 6 (six) players.

You can choose any players you want but you MUST have one ‘keeper. The players have been split purely to show the (a) goalie’s, (b) the starting 14 outfield players (Gaz not included), (c) first subs and (d) rest of squad, in case you’re not familiar with the teams.

Entry is your £3 (No discount entry prices if you spend less than your allocated £3 !!).


‘KEEPERS (You must choose ONE).

Richy A.                 £0.50
Disco                     £0.40
Ian                        £0.40

Justin                    £0.90                    Ben                       £0.40
Rogers                  £0.80                    Steve                    £0.40
Rolfey                    £0.70                    Daz                       £0.40
Biggsy                   £0.60                    Spooney                £0.40
Sean                     £0.60                    Swinners               £0.40
Russ                      £0.50                    Rob                       £0.40
Danny                    £0.40                 Martin                    £0.40


Joel  £0.20
Pete  £0.20
Duffer £0.20
Brian £0.20
Charles £0.20
Adam £0.20


Matty                    £0.10
Andy Moss             £0.10
Chris Mcgraw         £0.10
Tom                      £0.10
Mark Hepden         £0.10
Botty                     £0.10

Each week, players will be awarded points for their performance. As with last year, these will be kept confidential and will be the opinion of one person only – Gaz.

In this respect, Gaz is not an eligible player – and will not receive or know your nominated team. These should be sent to Spooney.

Regular updates in some shape or form will be posted on the web. Probably.

At the end of the season, the person with the winning team will receive 50% of the receipts. Second place will receive 25% and the club will receive 25%.

You have until 10th October to pick your team(s) and pay your money.


Mini-Fantasy Football

Quick Guide

1.                 Pick one Goalkeeper.

2.                 Pick FIVE more players, ensuring the COMBINED value of all six players is no more than £3.

3.                 Add up the value of your players again. Make sure it’s not more than £3. Check it again. Go on. Change players around if it is. Do this repeatedly until you have spent no more than £3 but have a 6 man team, comprising of one keeper. (If you are unsure at this point, go back to step 1 again …..)


1.       Any person may pick a team (so involve your wives, girlfriends, people at work and anyone else you think may be interested. If you haven’t got any of these people to hand, perhaps think about entering more teams yourself under different names).

2.       Do NOT post your team on the web. E-Mail, text or send Spooney a personal message through the web-site.

3.                 Entry to the competition is THREE ENGLISH POUNDS per team. (Cheaper than last year). You may enter as many teams as you wish (At this price, might was well enter at least two …)

4.                 Points (between -5 and +5) will be awarded to players commencing 17th October and include ALL LEAGUE games.

5.                 CUP games will count DOUBLE (-10 up to +10)

6.                 Points are purely the opinion of the awarding judge and do not count towards any other Bunky Chollox club award.

7.                 You may not substitute a player during the competition unless the judges organise a TRANSFER WINDOW. (Rules and prices will be posted)

8.                 Points will be given to any player that participates in a match, irrespective of how little time they actually play!

9.                 Players issued with a Yellow Card during the season will have 3 points deducted from their scores, per card. Players issued with a Red Card will have 6 points deducted from their scores, per card.

10.            Results and winnings will be announced at the ‘End of Season Do’.

11.            Teams must be selected and given to Richard Moss no later than 10th October 2006

12.            Points will be awarded by the primary judge (Gareth Davies) – and in his absence by the secondary judges (joint decision between Russell Forbes & Sean de Fraine).

13.            Winnings will be based entirely on the monies received from entrants and allocated as follows;

1st Place                          50% of total receipts

2nd Place                         25% of total receipts

In the event of a tie, of the teams involved in the tie, the winning team will be the one containing the individual player who scored the LOWEST number of points.

If two or more identical teams are chosen, winnings will be shared.

14.            Judges decisions are final.

2005/2006 Players Final Points for reference.
ich Moss    -5
az         -1
Steve      -1
Ben        3
Matty    4
Duffer     4
Danny    7
Disco     9
Russ    10
Richy A    11                

ean    13
Biggsy    15

olfie    15
Rogers 17

us    31


© Bunky Chollox FC 2014.  Established  1994.  All rights reserved.


© Bunky Chollox FC 2014.  Established  1994.  All rights reserved.