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Mark Rogers

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Quick feet and a consistent goal scorer makes Mark a pretty good player.  What he lacks in skill he make up for in his inability to run back and defend.  His place in the team used to be uncertain, we were right, he left but has returned with 'Bunkier Chollox'.  Mark is known for any game where he doesn't tell someone to look up at least once.

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Mark Q&A

Year of birth? 1973
Star sign? Virgo
Height? 6ft 2"
Weight? 14 Stone
Eye colour? Green
Favourite drink? Guinness Original
Favourite foods? Pizza
Favourite holiday dest? New York
Date for a day? Charlize Theron
Dinner guest? Graham Taylor(Sir)
Fav films? Lord of the Rings Trilogy - Fellowship if I had to choose
Fav song? Currently "Road to Ruin" Foo Fighters
Nickname? Rog and Buck - how original?
1st record? Can't remember - Wet Wet Wet probably
Last cd/download? Scouting for Girls - She's so lovely
Question you would have asked? Star Trek or Star Wars?
Pink or Brown? Pink
Out of the rest of he current squad if you had to, who would you punch & why? Whoever came up with this question - for asking "stoopid" questions
Most famous person met?
Bunky's Highlight? 1st ever hat trick - can't remember who against mind
Bunky's Low point? Only playing 2 games in 2005/2006 season
How does the snow plough driver get to work Using Route finder??
T1ts or Bums? Both please
Outside Bunky Chollox FC, what other sporting awards / Achievements have you had? None really to speak of .....
Abi T1tmus or Jennifer Ellison? Abi
Most unusual place you've ever had a blow job? Aren't they always on the end of your ding-a-ling??
Best personal sporting moment? Returning for BC following a 4-5 year absence
Dannii or Kylie? Kylie - was a big neighbours fan
Football Team supported? Watford - You 'orns
Where would you like to live? Monaco
What's the most frequent occurring mishap that happens to you? Keep getting kicked in training - perhaps its my attitude
Do Jus & Rolfie really love each other? Clearly
Best Bunky's keeper past/present? Tony Coton
Best Bunky's defender past/present? Les Taylor
Best Bunky's midfielder past/present? Nigel Callaghan
Best Bunky's striker past/present? Ross Jenkins
Most reliable Bunky? Seano
Bunky most likely to let you down? Matty Rog based on last few years - coming good this season though!
Favourite team at Shenley other than Bunky's? Don't have one - want to beat 'em all!
Bunky player who thinks he's better than he is? Me - I'm fucking brilliant!
Bunky player who is better than he thinks? Steve - play to your strengths!!
If you could change one thing Bunky's related what would it be? Club colours - yellow and red please
Lager, bitter or c0ckail? Guinness please
Farting women, good or bad? Bad, very bad - depending on where your head is!
Is it about the football or beer? Footy
You planning on quitting next year ? Yeah, if not this year
Shenley's Craig and ref Ray, not right or just misunderstood? Either misunderstood or in a "league" of their own!
Best Bunky's bar snack ?(aside from the scratchins which are obvious)? Those hot nut things we never buy!
Best impact making sub? Jonny DF all the way from Dubai
Most stylish Bunky? Joel - playboy car!
Best Saturday training bunky? No one - we all take it too lightly!
Who do you think is the youngest and the oldest Bunky? Jack Rogers(youngest) - Old Man Gaz(oldest!)
What's been your favourite Bunky's strip colour? Yellow - we haven't had one yet!
How many seasons have you been a squad member? Too many
Can a girl's breasts be too big? Never for me, technically yes for the young lady - being able to sit upright, stand up, walk etc
Congo, Brazil or Hollywood? Hollywood
What's your favourite page on Bunky's website? Players Stats
Is Richy Moss really a 'small little freak'? ? That's a bit below Richy's belt - ie very low - freakish first touch if you ask me
Rugby or football? What a stooped question - footy
Marmite, love or hate? Love
Will you miss Russ if he finally emigrates? Thought he had already, therefore obviously not!
Except head and facial, ever shaved any body hair off? No
The 'A-Team' or 'Airwolf'? A team
'Half Empty' or 'Half Full'? Half full except on night we ever lose
Favourite Website other than our own?
Do you watch Eurovision song contest? No
Favourite car if money was no object? Porsche 911
Ever kiss a man? No
Worst injury? Dislocated knee - 9 or 10 times - obviously not all at once!
Best Bunky's goal? Peles in the 1970 World Cup
Favourite celeb? Simon Pegg - funny man
Do you listen to Radio 4? No
Xbox/PS/Wii? Xbox
Excluding your own partner, favourite Bunky's girlfriend/wife? Charlize Theron
MK Dons or AFC Wimbledon? The Dons
Who wont Russ invite to his leaving do? Well he didn't invite me!!


Bunky Chollox FC 2014.  Established  1994.  All rights reserved.