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Mark Maxlow

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NZ based and new for 2011, welcome aboard

Year of birth? 1969 (man on the moon!)
Height? 5’ 10”
Favourite drink? Worthingtons
Favourite foods? Curry
Favourite holiday destination? Bethells Beach, New Zealand
Date for a day? My wife of course!
Dinner guest? Ritchie McCaw
Fav films? Seven
Fav song? Blues
Nickname? Max
1st record? Come on Eileen (Dexy’s Midnight Runners)
Last cd/download? Adelle (19)
Question you would have asked? Why didn’t I move to NZ sooner?
Out of the rest of the current squad if you had to, who would you punch & why? Russ- for making me fill this form our (same as JT)
Most famous person met? Inga the Winger
Outside Bunky Chollox FC, what other sporting awards / Achievements have you had? Not a lot- North Lancs Rugby U15’s
Best personal sporting moment? Winning Vale of Lune Junior Rugby Comp
Football Team supported? Man Utd
Where would you most like to live? Where I live now Auckland, NZ
What's the most frequent occurring mishap that happens to you? Thinking I’m faster than I actually am.
Bunky player who thinks he's better than he is? The whole team is incredibly talented and premiership contracts must be close
Bunky player who is better than he thinks? Stupid question
If you could change one thing Bunky's related what would it be? Jerseys with short sleeves – thanks heaps Bunky’s UK but they’re bloody hot
Lager, bitter or cider?Bitter – Worthies, Boddies, Thwaite’s please!
F@rting women, good or bad?Bad
Is it about the football or beer?The complete package is very much appreciated
Can a girl's br____s be too big? Probably
What’s your favourite page on Bunky’s website? On Tour
Rugby or football? Rugby
Marmite, love or hate? It’s OK
‘Half Empty’ or ‘Half Full’? Half full
Favourite Website other than our own?
Favourite car if money was no object? Toyota Prado
Worst injury? Ankle ligaments
Best Bunky’s goal? My one and only so far in 2011
Favourite celeb? Michael McIntyre

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