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Lee Northend

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Retired Lee had been with Bunky's since the early years and is our only player to ever gain a serious injury in the line of duty (stood on the bloody ball, what a pussy!).  A goal scorer, but was known as the one most likely to throw a paddy during training and leave early.  Lee most memorable moment was coming in the bar for a drink. 

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Lee's Q&A

year of birth 1970
star sign Gemini
height 5’7”
weight 11.5stone
eye colour Greenish
favourite drink Café Latte and Malt whiskey (not together)
favourite food Roast Lamb steaks with rosemary and posh vegetables.
favourite holiday dest Pacific Northwest / Italy are joint favs
date for a day Kate Beckingsdale
dinner guest Ellen Macarthur
fav film Shawshank Redemption
fav song No Real favs, I like wide variety but if it has to be one
 - Joy – Soul to Soul (It reflected how I felt at the time 1993)

nickname Not sure I have one or at least one people use with any regularity
– my name doesn’t exactly lend itself to one.

1st record Dexy’s Midnight Runners – come on ellein
Last cd/download Linkin Park - Meteroia (I was feeling a bit wild)

The following are the answers to the players own questions....
Pink or Brown? pink
Out of the rest of the squad if you had to, who would u punch and why? Sean - for making me do these questions
Most famous person ever met? Eddie Irvine
Bunky's Highlight? When I left I suppose
Bunky's low point? Not so much a low point, more of a low trend 1997 I think
What's the most disgusting thing you've ever eaten (keep it clean!!) ...................Blank
How does the Snow Plough driver get to work? he takes his plough home - obvious!!
Tits or Bum? Bum
Outside Bunky Chollox FC Wot other Sporting Awards / Achievements have you had ?
County champion under 12's 6 aside, and I won a book - definite highlight

Abi Titmus or Jennifer Ellison ? Jen
Most unusual place you’ve ever had a blow job ? On a beach
Best Personal Sporting moment? scoring the only goal in the final of the league cup
- almondsbury rangers 1981 - it means more when your young.

Dannii or Kylie? Kylie
Football Team Supported? Man U
Where would you like to live ? Would like to try Aus
what's the most frequent occurring mishap that happens to you ? Broke my leg twice playing football.
Do Jus and Rolfie really love each other? no idea........ so Yes

© Bunky Chollox FC 2014.  Established  1994.  All rights reserved.