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Justin Long

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After a long spell of training abroad and gaining the knowledge of the different styles of football around the globe, Justin returned 1997 for his first full season since 1994.  He's been an ever present since.  Still waiting for that cameo performance on TFI Friday under thin look-a-likes section although he is now earning extra money as Grant Mitchell.  Jus is best known for keeping his position on the pitch. 

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Jus and Mr Taylor

Jus's Q&A

Year of birth?  1971
Star sign?         Don’t believe in star signs – being an Aries, I am naturally sceptical.
Height?            5ft 8 and a half        
Weight?            11st
Eye colour?      Boring blue
Favourite drink? Banana milkshake (real, not Mcdonald’s)     
Favourite foods? Lamb shank (don’t knock it ‘till you’ve tried it)     
Favourite holiday dest? West coast of Oz, between
Margaret River and Exmouth  
Date for a day?            Kiera Nightley (I bet she does)     
Dinner guest?               Bill Bryson
Fav films?                     American Werwolf – it’s got everything, scary noises, heads rolling, decomposing corpses in limbo, and Jenny Agutter getting her kit off.
Fav song?         Aretha Franklin – I Say a Little Prayer for You
Nickname?        J
1st record?       One Vision (Queen)
Last cd/download?       Snow Patrol               
Question you would have asked? How High?    
Pink or Brown? Neopolitan – the best of both with strawberry thrown in!
Out of the rest of he current squad if you had to, who would you punch & why? Sean because he’s so ‘Sean’ing perfect.       
Most famous person met? Anthea Turner
Bunky's Highlight?        Screaming, curling shot from the halfway line against MKED (Goal!)
Bunky's Low point?       Not being able to go to Derbyshire this year           
How does the snow plough driver get to work.   Skis
T1ts or Bums? Can I be greedy and have both please?
Outside Bunky Chollox FC, what other sporting awards / Achievements have you had? Runner up in 1982 Cubs Night Hike.
Abi T1tmus or Jennifer Ellison?  Abi is more dirty
Most unusual place you've ever had a blow job? A what job?
Best personal sporting moment? Oddly, that sliding stop against “Dogging in Hot Cars” or someone at the FHM cup in
Birmingham – I just knew that was where the ball was going and started my slide before the ball was kicked – bit weird really.
Dannii or Kylie? Danii
Football Team supported?
Where would you like to live?
What's the most frequent occurring mishap that happens to you? Idiots going really slowly in the right hand lane of the dual carriageway, or worse, going all the way round the outside lane of the roundabout really slowly – WITHOUT INDICATING!!!!! AAAARGH - IDIOTS!!!
Do Jus & Rolfie really love each other? Indubitably
Best Bunky's keeper past/present? Big
Best Bunky's defender past/present? Me
Best Bunky's midfielder past/present? Danny
Best Bunky's striker past/present? Mr Seaning perfect of course
Most reliable Bunky? Has to be Mr perfect again
Bunky most likely to let you down? Hiro – he never turns up for training
Favourite team at Shenley other than Bunky's? You taking the piss? Actually it’s probably MKED – they always come to play football, rather than footman.
Bunky player who thinks he's better than he is? Me
Bunky player who is better than he thinks? Me
If you could change one thing Bunky's related what would it be? I’d make us all better at football (perhaps even simply improve everyone’s striking ability)
Lager, bitter or c0ckail?           Bitter
Farting women, good or bad?    Bad (although apparently some still do it)
Is it about the football or beer?           Beer (let’s be honest)
You planning on quitting next year ?      Yes – just like every other year since about 2000
Shenley’s Craig and ref Ray, not right or just misunderstood? Idiots – the lot of them
Best Bunky’s bar snack ?(aside from the scratchins which are obvious)? Lady-smelling scampi fries
Best impact making sub? Rolfie
Most stylish Bunky? Probably Rogers, or maybe JDF.
Best Saturday training bunky? Mr Perfect – never misses a beat
Who do you think is the youngest and the oldest Bunky? Adam and Rolfie (in that order)
What's been your favourite Bunky's strip colour? Red Wanadoo
How many seasons have you been a squad member? 14 (?)
Can a girl's breasts be too big? Yes – Look at Lolo Ferrari – they ended up killing her!
Congo, Brazil or Hollywood? Hollywood
What’s your favourite page on Bunky’s website? On Tour
Is Richy Moss really a ‘small little freak’? ? Yes, and apparently his dick is laughable
Rugby or football?  Football
Marmite, love or hate? Love
Will you miss Russ if he finally emigrates? No
Except head and facial, ever shaved any body hair off? Yes – ask Mossy – He’ll tell you all about it I’m sure.
The ‘A-Team’ or ‘Airwolf’? A team
‘Half Empty’ or ‘Half Full’? Twice as big as it needs to be
Favourite Website other than our own?
Do you watch Eurovision song contest? No
Favourite car if money was no object? V12 Jag XJS – White like the Saint
Ever kiss a man? No
Worst injury? ‘That’ ankle injury
Best Bunky’s goal? Same as ‘Best Bunky’s moment’
Favourite celeb? Stephen Fry
Do you listen to Radio 4? Only the cricket (and the shipping forecast – no not really)
Xbox/PS/Wii? PS
Excluding your own partner, favourite Bunky’s girlfriend/wife? Don’t know - Haven’t had them all yet
MK Dons or AFC Wimbledon? Dons
Who wont Russ invite to his leaving do?

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