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Chris Passfield

Bunky Chollox parade their new goal keeping ace, Chris Passfield, who signed late yesterday from
Athletico Shenley on a free!  Bunky's wanted to hold fire on the news until the season had finished in respect for their rivals Athletico Shenley as there was still a Cup night to play which Chris was involved in. 

Now that is out the way we are delighted to break the news.  Chris wanted more of a challenge in
between the sticks.  That says it all.  To give up a club that won both leagues and main cups to get more
action fits right in with the spirit of Bunky Chollox.  Once 'The Gaffer' let it be know Chris was available, many clubs I'm sure would/should have gone after him for next year. 

For the first time in years Bunky's had 2 keepers signed on so it looked like we would miss out on by far the leagues best keeper,  Disco/Richy A often commented how he was the keeper they were always trying to catch in terms of skill and consistency between the sticks.  The strikers agreed that he was 'always a right pain in the ass' whenever we played Shenley.  They call him 'the cat' for obvious reasons.

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It turns out BCII keeper Richy A had gone and got a job up North and he too didn't want to say anything till cup night.  Richy A has been a great squad member over the years (2 stints) and will be missed but not only have we got hold of an honest, fantastic, great goal keeper with the Bunky's spirit already in his blood, we've weakened one of the stronger teams in the league. 

Chris signed off in fine style helping Athletico Shenley win the Div 2 Charity Cup.  The Bunky's team
cheered his name as he collected his last piece of Athletico silverware.  He'll be collecting some more hopefully next year!

So without going on too much, we can't wait for next season to come around.  Chris will get more action
that's for sure, but it's the challenge he wanted and we welcome him to Bunky Chollox.



Bunky Chollox FC 2014.  Established  1994.  All rights reserved.