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Div 2 Cup Night 21st Dec 2004

The draw for Div 2 Cup night again took part in the bar with ping-pong balls.  Not such a great turnout as last week and the atmosphere was limp too.  Problems with the PowerPoint presentation meant confusion at first but we got there in the end.

And on to the footy, it was freezing cold... 

Quarter Finals - Crownhill Vauxhall couldn't make it giving Timmy's Tigers the win, Bunky Chollox lost on Penalties to MKED after a 1-1 draw, 4 man T&G lost to Dawson Group and MK Utd beat Athletico Shenley to progress to the semi's.

Semi Finals - Timmy's Tigers beat MK ED, MK Utd beat Dawson Group.

Final - MK Utd beat Timmy's Tigers 1-0.

Bunky's Match Report below ...

The trophies, the losers, the packed bar and the winners MK Utd.

Click on the pictures to enlarge.


Oh Matty. Oh, Matty. Oh, Matty, Matty, Matty.

So far and yet so far.

BCII were paired with MK Ed. in this year’s cup – a traditional bogey team for the mighty Chollox but, despite the poor performance of BC1 a week earlier, spirits were still high for a good run. MK Ed. should be overcome and our side of the draw looked favourable.

Unfortunately, it was not to be.

Despite retaining possession well with MK Ed. defending so deeply, BCII never really broke through, often forced to take speculative shots from distance, although a few did rattle the metal-work.

Then, mid-way through the game, a BCII attack broke down, MK Ed. collected the ball just inside their own half, a few steps and a long range shot that beat Richard Armstrong … somehow.

Head shaking and silence.

Changes were made and pressure applied – but nothing gave and yet suddenly, for absolutely no reason whatsoever, a mistake in the MK Ed. defence saw one of their own players turn and roll the ball into the far corner … 1-1. Ha! Ha!

Penalties. (sorry, spot kicks). How exciting.

After successful efforts from Sean and Mark Rogers, MK Ed. led 3-2 and up stepped Matty. Nervous? Tense? Yes … until he crashed the ball against the bar and suddenly we were facing an early exit. Then it was just dismay and anguish. Oh, the pain, the pain. How could you do this to us Matty?

Although Gazza scored the fourth, it was irrelevant as MK Ed. converted all five kicks and BCII trooped back to the bar.

In fairness, Matty was the main man during the game – but even so, it may take a while for most of us to get over this. MK Ed., for Pete’s sake.


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