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Div 1 Cup Night 14th Dec 2004

The draw for Div 1 Cup night took part in the bar with ping-pong balls.  Yes, they had numbers on ping-pong
balls.  Members of the highly excited crowd drew balls from the green velvet bag.  As teams were
announced they were transferred to a PowerPoint presentation on the big screen.  I think Sky Sports
had better watch out - no seriously top effort Craig (& Shenley).

Anyway on to the footy...  T&G pulled out so MK Utd had no game in 1st round.  Dawson Group beat Timmy's
Tigers in the only other 1st round game.

Quarter Finals - MK Hounds beat Athletico Shenley,  MK ED didn't show after smashing into Ray's
car on the way in, so Crownhill Vauxhall went through and got a car to repair in the process.
MK Utd beat NPTC, Dawson Group beat Bunky's 2-1.

Semi Finals - Crownhill Vauxhall beat MK Hounds, Mk Utd beat Dawson Group.

Final - MK Utd beat Crownhill Vauxhall 4-1.

Read on for Bunky's Match Report ...

The draw.               Pre-match fag!            Packed bar.


Balls from the bag.     Crowhill Vauxhall.      MK Utd.

Click on the pictures to enlarge.




One Bunky Chollox again last night emerged as noble losers in the Division 1 End of Season Cup (which had been brought forward to mid-season).


This cup is usually contested in the summer and whether it was the temperature change, the ambiance or the coffee beforehand we’ll never know, but whatever it was BC1 never really got out of the starting blocks.


Traditionally, Bunky's either win the cup or go out in the first round. This year, on the back of some fine club performances, hope glimmered that tradition could be broken, a second consecutive run seemed possible - but alas, no. History prevailed and we crashed without a whimper.


The team spirit seemed a little lack lustre as Dawson Group dictated tempo and for most of the game the battle was fought in the middle, with the defence largely unthreatened but the forward line unsupported.


BC1 had enough of the ball and enough ability to penetrate and punish – they simply didn’t do it.


Three quarters through the game, a Dawson Group attack saw them pushed wide and the resulting speculative shot somehow managed to beat Richard Armstrong at the far post, who until that moment had only been called upon a couple of times and produced two fine saves.


Minutes later, following a Bunky free kick on the edge of the Dawson area, the ball was played square far too weakly, intercepted, and they scored on the break to make it 2-0.


Immediately from the resulting centre, quick interchanges between Sean, Rolfey and Mark Rogers saw the ball break and Rogers pulled one back. Never in the history of Bunky's has a goal been so mutely celebrated. Not a word was heard.


And that seems to sum up the evening. Bunky were capable of playing better, no-one really played badly, no-one excelled - we simply didn’t get into the game. We did, however, play the game fairly and accept the defeat with great humility – unlike almost every other team! And in that respect, we are the true winners.




Goalkeeper Richard Armstrong


Defence Gareth Davies, Matt Rogers


Midfield Mark Rolfe, Mark Rogers


Forward Sean de Fraine


Subs Neil Biggs, Ben Tranter


Supporters Rich, Jus, Mike, Jamie.


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