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Div 1 Cup Night 2002-2003

9th July 2002

A glorious effort by all those in attendance last night saw a nervy opening match against Patrick All-stars which went to penalties where a combination of fine goal keeping by Daz and excellent spot kicking saw BC win out on the 7th set of penalties.

Round 2 and the competition was getting better , Spice boys stepped up and looked likely to come out winners by taking a early lead . However , digging deep we got a equaliser and again it went to penalties. Again that man Darren performed heroics whilst those kicking did their job and it was semi final time.

It is said that to win a cup you have to meet the best teams and here was the beat , league champions Seat stepped into the fray and what a match............

Seat looking commanding both going forward and in defence and fairly soon BC are 1:0 down. Pushing forward a free kick is awarded to Bunky's a sly knock to the right by Rolfey and a stonking shot by Gaz saw the equaliser burst the net. Seat step forward to take the centre and a clever kick a skip to the right and bang , 2:1 to Seat ! Time is running out , BC are pushing on and a free kick is given. Gaz stands over the ball , Mark steps across it Gaz gives it a little dink and Rolfey powers a shot into the top corner 2:2. From the centre the ref blows for full time............Penalties.

Dazza Seamen ensures that BC take a early lead but then steps up to take a penalty himself , mind games are played out between the 2 keepers and Dazza's shot is saved ! Taking full responsibility Daz settles himself down for the next penalty , eyes focused on the Seat kicker , burning into his mind to see where the ball is going to go, and yes a small dive to the right and it is saved BC are through to the final.

MK ED V BC1 Cup final.

Maybe because this was not the first final that BC have had, maybe it is the fact that the league Champions & 3rd placed teams had been beaten on the way to the final bur BC seemed quietly confident when striding out in front of a intense crowd (Jo). Never in trouble at the back BC were constantly going forward but a very well organised defensive MK ED made it difficult but after constant probing we score ( Sean I think , or was it John ........both had very good nights ). 1:0 up the result was never in question, the whistle goes and the scenes that followed were ................very understated but that could be due to fatigue ( certainly in my case ).


We Won , We beat the best whilst winning. Every team member contributed massively. Ian and Rich played vital roles coming on when required. Neil was outstanding when called video the game ( except missing my goal ).

A great BC2 !!!!!!!!!

Click here for the Story in the MK Citizen




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