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30th Nov 2004 - BCI V's T&G

November … the taste of sweat and rain my arse ... more like the taste of victory.

BC1, lining up for their first competitive game in over six weeks, finally came good with a performance that matched, although did not eclipse, the BCII victory last week.

A game of control, a game of confidence, a game that saw BC1 put five (yes, count them!) past T&G, who were placed one point and one place higher in the league at kick-off.

Wonderful football, wonderful movement, wonderful efforts (particularly from Sean and Rolfey), produced some of the finest goals that the club has ever scored. 

We had the lot … intricate play … from defence to midfield, composed, quick passing, culminating in Rolfey converting far post, … to the classic counter-attack … Dazza to Mark Rogers to Sean, one touch, back of the net, … to the awesome … loose ball, bouncing just inside the opposing half and BAM!, Mark Rogers right foot sent the ball crashing into to the top corner.

Ultimately, the opposition were outclassed at every turn, and with Rogers completing a hat-trick from the penalty spot, the game had everything. T&G’s consolation goal doesn’t even warrant a mention. Except it just was.

 5-1 … BC1 are back … watch out Shenley!


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