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26th April 2005 - BCII V's Dawson Group


BC2 played their final league fixture of the 2004/5 season last night and finished the season in a similar vein to the way in which they started.

For the final game, a first team line-up initially hinted that commitment was high, unfortunately when it game to the actual match, it was a rather different story which an unusual lack of awareness seemed to compound.

Bunky’s enjoyed significant chunks of possession in the first half but the tendency to shoot, instead of pass, hold, instead of release, drop back, instead of pushing forward, gave Shane few problems in the Dawson goal and soon resulted in a few terse exchanges between the Bunky players.

Ritchie Armstrong had produced a number of fine saves to keep the scores level but could do nothing as Dawson grabbed a loose ball and the shot deflected past him towards the end of the half.

During the second half Bunky’s seemed to gather in composure a little but when the ball bounced wide on the Bunky’s right (that’s near the gate with Dawson’s going towards the centre for those of you trying to imagine the scene ..), Justin didn’t get close enough and a well struck shot somehow eluded Ritchie to increase the Dawson lead.

Minutes later, a howler from Ritchie saw the ball sneak past him near post and roll into the net from close range.

As you can imagine, knowing the players as we do, this stirred up a bit of passion within the Bunky’s team and Dazza finally got hold of a left foot shot which flew past Shane to bring the score to 3-1.

BC2 then created chance after chance, again sometimes tempted to hit the ball from distance but the drive for a second goal left a gap at the back which Dawson Group exploited with a fine move and clever finish.

Rogers completed the scoring with a powerful finish that rattled into the top corner towards the end but a comeback wasn’t on the cards, leaving BC2 stranded in the bottom three in what could well be the worst season ever – just 4 wins from 14 games.

Now for the cup …


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