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25th Jan 2005 - BCI V's Dawson Group

Dawson Group 3 -  BCI 0 

A much changed and relatively weak Bunky team took to the pitch on Tuesday night to face Dawson Group,
hoping for revenge over the cup exit a few weeks ago.

 Despite the changes (the starting line up had Richie A. replace Daz in goal, Russ and
Neil at the back, Gaz and Benaldo in midfield and Sean up front with Justiniho on the bench)
BC1 started well, created a few chances and were foiled on several other occasions only by
a marvellous performance from Shane in the Dawson goal.

 With such a defence minded team, it was always going to be difficult to support Sean
and he was once again forced to run his little socks off, although the extra protection
offered through playing so deep meant that few chances were created by Dawson and those
that were, were admirably saved by Richie A. 

One of the better moves from Bunky's did see Sean put the ball in the net midway through the
first half but the goal was harshly ruled out for encroachment and so at halftime the score-line
read 0-0. Unfortunately, it was to be another night where Bunky would once again rue
the chances squandered. 

During the second half, changes were made and although each player performed well, with Ben
and Sean interchanging on a number of occasions and Justin battling hard and making a few
telling runs down the right, the balance just wasn’t right with too many players in unaccustomed
roles and it wasn’t long before a break saw Dawson strike their first.

 Even after this, BC1 continued to battle and create the odd opening but only a few minutes
later a lucky deflection saw a second Dawson goal and with the clock running down, the BC
team became tired and while looking for a consolation, Neil was left isolated at the back and
Richard had no chance with a coolly taken third. 

A harsh scoreline on reflection and one which a goal and a little more discipline
would have changed completely.


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