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23rd Nov 2004 - BCII V's MK Utd

A full team but a formidable opponent. MK Utd are top of the league, with no defeats.

BCII played Mark Rogers as a central defender, in the hope of being able to use Daz's pace to nick a goal on the break.

In the opening 10 minutes, this seemed to work with Bunky's threatening occasionally but then MK Utd struck and BCII were a goal down. This was followed by sustained MK Utd pressure and Richard Armstrong pulled off a great save to prevent a 0-2 deficit before MR struck from distance with a speculative shot that the keeper could only parry into his own net. 1-1. Seconds later, a classic Bunky move saw the ball played out wide right to BT, who struck a wonderful first time effort to score his first goal and allow BCII to go into the break at 2-1 up.

Second half saw BCII soak up pressure and hit time and time again on the counter attack. A lovely move from deep saw MR play the ball onto DJ, who rolled it past the outstretched keeper. 3-1! Substitutes Rolfey and RM replaced the first half goal-scorers and managed to keep the rhythm and momentum going, culminating in two strikes from RM, although we know he miss-kicked the second one no matter what he says.

The best club performance of the year. Superb efforts by all and a truly unexpected but well deserved 5-1 victory, take BCII into 4th place, just three points off the top.


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