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22nd Nov 2005 - BCII vs. Athletico Shenley

BCII 1 - 4 Athletico Shenley

As with BC1 last week, BC2 came unstuck against Athletico Shenley last night, in a top of the table clash that saw tempers fly ….

 The line up saw two forced changes as Rogers and Biggsio were replaced by Danny and Matty in midfield and defence respectively.

 With Matty running late, however, Gaz has to start, partnering Jus at the back, with Ritchie A lining up in goal and Ben and Daz joining Danny in midfield/attack. 

The game started evenly enough and the opening exchanges allowed both teams to hold reasonable possession without actually troubling either ‘keeper, although Shenley looked the more threatening as they attacked in numbers and chased the ball whilst Bunky’s held back, moved the ball through the midfield but offered little support or options up front. 

Midway through the first half, Shenley broke and took the lead with a well taken goal, and quickly followed this with a second, carefully tucked past Ritchie into the far corner after a defence splitting pass (which sounds much harder than it is when the defence play in midfield). 

It was a few moments before the end of the half that the first flare-up occurred when Benaldo reacted to a challenge by Athletico’s ‘Gaffer’ on the edge of his area – turning to eloquently explain to Raymond Referee that further occurrences of a similar nature will result in a requirement for Mr. Gaffer to solicit assistance, perhaps through a straw, when attempting to digest sustenance forthwith. 

With this (and Matty’s late arrival), changes were made and Rolfie and Sean both got into the act during a second half in which Shenley continued to create the better openings but found Ritchie A. in fine form, punching and diving to keep the ball out.

And suddenly a lifeline, Daz collected the ball in the middle, turned and then just stole a yard on the defender to flick a left foot shot across the Shenley ‘keeper and into the far corner.

Despite playing some good football at this point – with Daz squandering a further chance right on the edge of the Shenley area - when Rolfie lost the ball in defence, Shenley were quick to punish and the ball nestled in the back of the net, somehow squeezing under Ritchie A. to make it 3-1.

As BC2 continued to push, one or two challenges and refereeing decisions began to boil the blood of a few Bunky’s players and the second half saw Matty booked for arguing a free kick (yes, a ridiculous decision – but no need to get booked) and Daz unnecessarily pushing Gaffer after he indulged in a spot of ‘sledging’.

 The game was well and truly finished when a fine ball from deep left Athletico one-on-one with the BC goalie and a cool first time effort steered the ball home.

The bar was unusually quiet after the game (perhaps a sign of discontent?) with only ONE player from the usual starting six going in for a swift ‘un, …. the rest just buggering off (one of which didn’t even bother to vote!) …. so well done all the squad players who did manage to remember that the price of failure is just the same as the price of success …. £5 in the kitty. No more, no less. (Unless you stay for a third).


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