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21st Feb 2006 - BCII vs. Debenhams

BCII 4-2 Debenhams

It was so very nearly a perfect night ……. 

As a result of some heavy traffic on the M1, we’ll pick up the match action midway through the first half, with the scores level at 0-0.

 BC2 looked relaxed and confident. The line sees Ritchie A. in goal, Justin and Daz at the back (Biggsio still out ‘injured’ ….), Rogers and Danny in the middle and Ben up front. On the packed bench sat BC1 regulars Sean, Gaz, Disco and Spooney plus newcomer Duffer. 

Bunky’s dominate possession – but despite the effort and free flowing footie, cannot quite create an opportunity … until Danny squares a ball from the right to Daz, only for Rogers to step in, collect, shimmy past the defender and coolly plant the ball into the far corner.  

A wonderful goal from the in form captain and a few moments later Sean steered the ball wide to Danny, who, unmarked on the edge of the area,  beat the keeper at close range to notch his 13th goal of the season.

 Half time and BC2 led 2-0.

 Second half started and despite some excellent goalkeeping from Ritchie A., making his 100th start for the Club, when a loose ball was played through the centre, a terrible lack of co-ordination, allowed the ball to roll past the defence to the unmarked Debenhams striker, leaving Ritchie helpless as  they pulled one back. 

Undaunted, BC2 re-grouped to score the goal of the night.

 Good movement, excellent passing, and the whole team involved saw the ball worked wide to Danny, knocked inside to Rogers, a little flick out wide to Sean (brought on for Ben at the end of the first half), who was able to steady himself and place the ball (with pinpoint accuracy) low and hard into the net off the far post.

 Pure football.

 Mid way through the second half, further changes were made and Bunky’s again got caught making substitutions (when will they learn) and with the team is disarray, a shot from the left saw Ritchie make another fine save but Daz turn the loose ball into his own net. For an own goal.  

Rogers restored parity shortly afterwards, however, with his second of the night and 15th of the season. 

And then the night seemed to get better, plenty of players into the bar afterwards to watch the mighty Arsenal crush Real Madrid in their own back yard, a cheer as the result from the Shenley/Argash clash was announced – somehow, Argash coming back from 2-0 down to steal a 3-2 victory …. but alas, it took a dramatic turn for the worst. 

In an unprecedented move, Spooney appears to have tried to create a division within the club – not only did Mr. Moss, Mr. Biggs and Mr. Armstrong stand apart – they bought their OWN ROUND OF DRINKS !!!!

 Clocking up the Hall of Shame penalty points afterwards was a difficult job – and we’re still not sure we’ve captured them all … check the scores when released but it’s going to be hard to top this lot;

Buying their own drinks
Not buying drinks for everyone else
No food ordered
Stealing money from the Club afterwards
Bringing the Club into disrepute

It may well be that we need to hold an emergency meeting of the club to properly address this severe breach of club etiquette. More to follow as the story unfolds.

And finally, so that we don’t end on such a sour note, we would like to say hello to our newest reader – welcome, Miss Cindy J. of Memphis, TN.

Below follows those anonymous one-liners!

"Unfortunately the actions of the many are often overshadowed by the actions of the few. Shocking behaviour tonight, causing the evening to go down in Bunky's history as a real dark day. Match was a corker though."

"What the hell is going on?  A great night on the pitch, them 3 renegades try to undo 15 years of friendship in one move, the worst moment in BC history!"

"Good game of footy, BCII seem to know what to do.  Nice relaxed footy gets the goals flowing"


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