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18th Oct 2005 - BCI Vs. Inter Minan

Bunky Chollox   1-2   Inter Minan

A game of two halves (again) 

1st Half 

Concise, precise, the movement was good

From defence to attack, we played how we should,

Excellent football, every ball is well placed,

It’s like ‘Candy’ and ‘Baby’, when Rogers finds space


Look, Disco’s dancing, with Russell so strong,

Richy Moss is out wide and Danny’s on song,

Gaz blocking shots, every challenge well met,

Rogers cuts in, and back of the net.

2nd Half 

A shambles, a farce, midfield standing still,

Ball watching t**ts, this s**t makes you ill,

Every pass goes astray, always just out of reach,

Inter attack, no excuse, it’s one each.

No lessons learnt, the shape goes to pot,

Can’t clear the lines, we’ll take what we’ve got,

Alas, no we won’t, all that effort undone,

They’ve now nicked another, we‘re losing two-one.


 First half was great, best football we’ve seen,

Quick and decisive, the passing a dream,

We carved out the chances and should have more,

But 1-up at the break was a reasonable score.


Second half was crap, just a joke, the worst,

Complacent and lazy, our bubble’s well burst

Can’t blame the subs, but we did look forlorn

So come on back Rolfey, and come on back Sean



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