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18th Jan 2005 - BCII V's Timmy's Tigers - ROAR!!


Following last week’s Div. 1 victory over Timmy’s Tigers, it was the turn of BC2 last night to try their
hand as their first match of 2005 threw out the same opposition. 

Daz (away on international duty) was replaced by Sean up front, but an otherwise full
line up took to the pitch in what proved to be a difficult and hard fought game. 

The Tiger’s controlled much of the first half with Richie A. finally showing the form
that won him ‘Managers Player of the Year’ last season, blocking and pushing away a
number of strikes, whilst in front of him both Justiniho and Biggsio played as impressively
as they have all year, making some fine tackles and last minute challenges. 

With Tiger’s pushing so hard, BC2 were often defending in numbers as Ben and Mark Rogers
were also forced back and it’s a wonder that Sean lasted the full game and managed to walk
to the bar, playing a lone role up front and having the thankless task of chasing down
most of the heavy clearances without much support. 

Mid-way through the first half and BC2 made their first real move, finally retaining
possession and putting a few passes together as they worked the ball down the right and then
centre to Mark Rogers. Once again, skill showed no respect for age, pace or effort as he
skipped past one defended and deftly placed the ball past the ‘keeper into the corner of
the net with his favoured left foot.  

Changes were made at half time and early into the second half and, although BC2 had
more clear-cut opportunities on goal with the Tiger’s leaving gaps in their search for an equaliser, they
looked a little shaky in defence and players were often dragged out of position. 

With the game played in good spirits, BC2 should have done enough to secure the three points but
for some reason, the referee allowed for nearly five minutes stoppage time at the end of the
half and it was here that a goal was finally conceded.  

A break down the left saw the Tigers striker run across the defence, again causing some
confusion before finally striking the ball into the far corner, a shot that was too well placed
for anyone do to much about. 

1-1, a fair result on reflection, on a night where everyone played well and made important contributions.


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