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17th May 2005 - BCI V's Timmy's Tigers

BC1 failed to capitalise on a Crownhill Vauxhall loss last night and move into third place , as they were
held 2-2 by Timmy’s Tigers. 

Having already beaten the Tigers this year in Div.1, and drawing both games in Div.2, there was expectation
of another victory and that it would be enough to lift Bunky’s over Crownhill with a game in hand, following
their earlier thrashing by MK Utd.

 The game started with BC1 very much on the back foot and Tigers enjoying all the possession before Sean
latched onto a Ritchie Moss pass, fooled the ‘keeper and rolled the ball into the net.

With a slightly changed line-up (Mark Rogers in for Rolfey and Ritchie A. playing in goal in place of Daz),
Bunky’s played a deeper game, although this did allow for the better opportunities as Tiger’s pushed for
an equaliser and left gaps at the back.

Unfortunately, shortly before the break, Tigers equalised after BC1 left slightly too much room in the middle.

The second half saw much of the same and a long ball out from Gaz. allowed Sean to restore the Bunky lead
with a fine finish from the left.

Outside of a few moments like this, BC1 simply didn’t play well enough to win the game and squandered
opportunities to extend their lead before Tigers hit a deserved equaliser, despite the efforts of the Bunky ‘
keeper and defence.

This result allows them to climb a position, overtaking Dawson Group who lost to Athletico Shenley, and
leaves Bunky’s biding their time in fourth spot, level on points with Crownhill, but with that important game
against MK Ed. still to come …


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