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11th April 2006 - BCI vs. Debenhams

BCI 3-5 Debenhams

Bunky who ????

A 5th consecutive loss (if we exclude the default win) has well and truly confined BC1 to mid-table obscurity - and their worst league position in years, possibly since stats began, now beckons.

 This week’s loss was simply due to commitment. Not commitment on the pitch, although the team is now unbelievably quiet and lacklustre when compared to any other period in living memory, but commitment to the cause.

 Tuesday night saw a team struggling. Struggling with fitness, struggling with their touch and struggling with ideas. A group of players who need to be playing more often than they are, a team that needs to find some confidence, some composure and rediscover the form shown prior to Christmas.

 Bunky’s used to see the odd game of two halves … it now seems to have turned into a season of two halves.

 Pre-Christmas, brilliant. Fighting for the title, unlucky when dropping points and capable of holding their own against anyone. This year ..?

 Flashes still exist, of course. There were some fine moves, some commendable effort and some well taken goals – but these are appearing very infrequently now, when they used to scare other teams and were almost a guarantee when lining up to face a Bunky team. 

This reporter understands an EGM is being considered by the club to address the declining standards and rumours persist that we may soon see either management or player changes – or indeed both!  

Turning our attention to match, however, it was clear from the start that Debenhams wanted the victory more. They harried, harassed and chased everything. That said, BC1 looked sharp on the break and the previous hammering Bunky’s had given out clearly left a belief that goals were going to come. 

The starting line up saw Rolfey and Sean return, leaving just Disco absent from the first choice team, with Ritchie A. deputising for him. Rogers14, Danny and Ben made up the bench.

 Midway through the opening half, Debenhams went 1-0 up, after Bunky’s were caught in possession and pulled out of shape – and almost immediately afterwards a well struck shot rebounded off the back and rolled into the net off unlucky Ritchie.

 Gaz pulled one back shortly before the end of the first half, intercepting a poor ‘keeper throw and slotting the ball home – but Debenhams again capitalised and scored their third seconds before half time.

 Again, BC1 started the second half well, desperately unlucky with some of the balls played through to Sean before Rogers managed to pull another one back, striking from just outside of the area with his right foot. 

At 3-2, BC1 went for the equaliser, leaving the back a little exposed, and couldn’t recover when Debenhams broke and put the ball between Ritchie’s legs. Another cruel twist of fate a few moments later, just as BC1 began to dominate, again saw a shot rebound and as the Bunky ‘keeper scrambled to recover, inadvertently knocked into the net for a second OG. 

Rogers scored his second of the night with another well taken goal – his 21st of the season and then capped a great night personally as he also announced to the world that he and Nikki are expecting their first child – congratulations to the BC2 Manager.

 So, on reflection, BC1 could still have taken something from the game. The difference was that yard and the little bit of time to find just the right ball that control brings – and surely this can only be regained with practice and training.

 Time will tell if this poor run of form has more serious repercussions for the Club, there does seem to be a lot of unrest at the moment, but perhaps nothing that a ‘clear-the-air’ EGM can’t resolve …

Below follows those anonymous one-liners!

"A hard fought battle it seemed, but lack of numbers at the back lead to our down fall." 

"Desperate times for the once Mighty Bunky Chollox" 

"From that performance, the mid table position is justified" 

"Last time we played Debenhams we won 8-3. A 5-3 loss tonight is a clear indication of current form" 

"Since Jan 3rd, BC 1 haven't won a match on pitch. Not so much a slippery slope as a vertical drop." 

"The only form BC 1seem to have is an application form to join a dominoes league" 

"They've lost it. Totally lost it." 

"Back in the day, we used to have games of two halves. One good, one bad. If only we could reach those dizzy heights again."
"Shocking!  This ain't no fun anymore"

"Is that the correct spelling of "dominoes"?"



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